Hong Kong, 5 May (ZXS) -- The inauguration ceremony of the ninth board of directors and the themed financial forum of the Hong Kong Chinese Securities Association was held in Hong Kong on 31 May. Many guests discussed promoting the healthy development of Hong Kong's securities industry and contributing to Hong Kong's economic prosperity and progress.

Zheng Yanxiong, Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, pointed out in his speech that Hong Kong's financial development potential is huge and market opportunities are limitless, and all kinds of financial institutions, including Chinese-funded institutions, will certainly have bright prospects in Hong Kong.

Cheng Yanxiong also put forward four hopes for the Chinese Securities Association of Hong Kong, one is to hope that the association will play a good role as a "builder", lead member institutions to cultivate Hong Kong, and help consolidate and enhance Hong Kong's status as an international financial center; Second, it is hoped that the association will play a good role as a "pioneer", take the initiative to implement the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the high-quality development of the "Belt and Road", etc., and promote Hong Kong to better serve as the intersection of domestic and international dual circulation; Third, it is hoped that the association will play a good role as a "guardian", coordinate development and security, and effectively protect the financial security of the country and Hong Kong; Fourth, it is hoped that the association will play a good role as a "service provider", serve the development of grassroots communities, and jointly maintain social harmony and stability in Hong Kong.

Paul Chan, Financial Secretary of the HKSAR Government, said in his speech that the market value of the Hong Kong stock market was only about 1997 trillion yuan (Hong Kong dollars) in 3, which is about twice Hong Kong's GDP (Gross Domestic Product). By March 2, the market capitalization of Hong Kong's stock market was about 2022 trillion yuan, which is 3 times Hong Kong's GDP. He pointed out that the country is developing rapidly, and Hong Kong should be more active in aligning with the national development strategy in the future, better integrating into the overall development of the country, and contributing to the high-quality development of the country while seeking new opportunities for itself.

At the Financial Forum, Huang Haizhou, Executive Committee Member of China International Capital Corporation (International) Limited, and Shen Minggao, Global Chief Economist of GF Securities, delivered keynote speeches on topics such as "Opportunities brought by China-style modernization to Hong Kong's development" and "Industrial Transfer and New Market Opportunities".

Huang Haizhou believes that the theme of this year's global capital market is "the United States looks at inflation, China looks at growth". He said that high inflation in the United States is a negative factor for the capital market, while the mainland's economic growth is a positive factor. Signs of further stabilization of the mainland economy will appear in the third quarter of this year, and the Hong Kong stock market is expected to recover in the second half of this year.

In addition, the inauguration ceremony of the new board of directors of the Chinese Securities Association of Hong Kong was also held at the meeting. Huang Haiqin, the new president of the Hong Kong Chinese Securities Association, said that the association will give full play to its role as a liaison and the advantages of two markets and resources at home and abroad, strive to promote the construction of a new development pattern in Hong Kong, and promote the stability and prosperity of Hong Kong's financial industry. (End)