Zhongxin Wanghai, May 5 (Xie Mengyuan) -- On the morning of May 31, the Information Office of the Shanghai Municipal Government held a press conference to introduce the relevant situation of the 31th Lujiazui Forum. It is reported that the 6th Lujiazui Forum will be held in Shanghai on June 8-9, with the theme of "Global Financial Openness and Cooperation: New Driving Force for Economic Recovery", exploring how to strengthen financial cooperation between countries and regions, boost development confidence, support the high-quality development of the real economy, and promote global economic recovery and financial stability.

At present, the world's unprecedented major changes in a century are accelerating, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is developing in depth, and the balance of international forces is profoundly adjusted. At the same time, there is uncertainty in the global economic growth outlook, and economic recovery faces multiple challenges.

In this context, the forum has seven plenary sessions and three Pujiang Night Talks, covering current hot issues in the economic and financial fields, including "Functional Improvement of Pilot Free Trade Zone and High-level Financial Reform and Opening Up", "Building a Financial Service System that Better Supports Scientific and Technological Innovation", "Global Monetary Policy Adjustment and Financial Risk Prevention", "Opportunities and Responsibilities of Pension Finance", "New Trends in the Development of Global Asset Management Industry", "Building a Green Financial System that Supports the 'Dual Carbon' Strategy" and "Pujiang Night Talk I: Practicing ESG Concepts". Promoting the Development of Transition Finance - Partner Cities Special Session - Luxembourg", "Pujiang Night Talk II: Common Prosperity and Inclusive Financial Development", "Pujiang Night Talk III: Financial Openness and Cooperation and Legal Guarantee" and other 10 topics.

At the same time, this year's forum added the "Science and Technology Finance Studio" to discuss three topics: "Registration System and Innovation of Direct Financing Mechanism for Science and Technology Enterprises", "Intellectual Property Finance Smoothes New Path of Scientific and Technological Innovation", and "Venture Capital Helps Start-ups Accelerate Development".

The timing of this forum is eye-catching, and the resumption of offline holding is the first time that the main leaders of the national financial management department have collectively spoken out on the public platform at the same time after the National Two Sessions announced the reform of the national financial supervision system.

In order to further expand the dimension and depth of the forum, Luxembourg was also invited to set up a special session of partner cities as a partner city to discuss the experience and practices of China and Europe in promoting ESG development in finance. At the same time, a series of signing and new organization unveiling activities will be held.

Since 2008, the "Lujiazui Forum" co-sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government and the national financial management department has been held for thirteen sessions, and all previous Lujiazui forums have received great attention and attention from all parties in society. Focusing on major economic and financial issues at home and abroad, each forum widely invites senior leaders of governments and financial regulatory departments, heads of important global financial markets and top financial institutions, and well-known experts and scholars to participate in the forum, exchange and discuss together, share views and build consensus, contributing wisdom and strength to the construction of Shanghai's international financial center, China's financial reform and opening up and global financial governance. (End)