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Not long ago, the Market Supervision Bureau of Shangcheng District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, found in the process of handling the complaint that the food label of a food import enterprise was defective, but it did not affect food safety. The law enforcement officers did not simply seal or seize it, but let the parties seal it themselves and immediately cooperate with the customs for further investigation. After confirming that the batch of food was purchased through regular channels, the law enforcement officers ordered the parties to correct the labels themselves.

In recent years, Hangzhou has implemented the "Three Lists of Flexible Law Enforcement" - the list of no administrative compulsory list, the list of no administrative punishment, and the list of enterprise administrative compliance guidance, and further optimized the business environment and stimulated market vitality by exploring new ways of flexible supervision on the track of rule of law.

The rule of law is the best business environment. How to solidly promote administration according to law, deepen the reform of "decentralization, management and service", and further innovate measures to continuously optimize the business environment based on the rule of law? Recently, the reporter went to Zhejiang and Tianjin for research and interviews.

Improve the quality and efficiency of law enforcement

Protect the rights and interests of enterprises

"The people take food as the sky", small catering rich in fireworks is deeply loved by the masses, and also plays an important role in ensuring the main body, stabilizing employment and promoting consumption.

"The problems found last month such as flying wire charging outside the store have been rectified, and this month's credit rating is A, please continue to maintain!" In a restaurant on Xinhua Road, Changqing Street, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, members of the comprehensive law enforcement team communicated with the store manager after completing a "comprehensive inspection". At this time, accompanied by a "ding-dong" sound, a text message of the inspection results from the "credit empowerment" platform was pushed to the store manager's mobile phone.

The store rectified in time, not only the credit was upgraded, but also the incentive of 3 months of joint inspection exemption.

"Catering supervision involves food safety, ecological environment, city appearance environment, fire rescue and other departments and fields, and catering operators have a strong sense of gain from the 'big comprehensive integration' reform." Xu Jing, director of the Gongshu District Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, said that Changqing Street started from the catering industry, established a "credit file" for supervision targets, assessed enterprise shops into four credit grades according to credit scores, and implemented differentiated supervision of enterprise shops, so as to achieve "the trustworthy will not disturb anything, and the untrustworthy will be strictly investigated and strictly managed".

In order to solve the problem of multi-headed law enforcement and overwhelmed businesses, Changqing Street compiled the "Comprehensive Inspection" Scene List, and law enforcement personnel from grassroots comprehensive law enforcement, market supervision, emergency management and other departments deepened the "comprehensive inspection", and concentrated on the implementation of one inspection and comprehensive physical examination of enterprise shops.

Since last year, Zhejiang has taken the lead in exploring the reform of administrative law enforcement in the province of "large-scale comprehensive integration", and has now achieved full coverage of "one team to manage law enforcement" in townships (streets). As of May this year, the industry credit supervision model covered 5 fields, expanded 39 "one thing" scenarios for law enforcement supervision such as catering fumes and dog management, carried out 72,21 "comprehensive investigations" joint law enforcement, and reduced the number of law enforcement disturbances to enterprises by 7,11.

Early in the morning, Li Aijia, a police officer of the Economic Crime Investigation Corps of the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau, logged on to the "Police Intelligence Law Enforcement Case Handling Platform" and entered the documentary evidence just collected into a commercial bribery case recently accepted.

After combing through the evidence materials of the case, Li Aijia found that the criminal suspect had taken advantage of his position to accept bribes from cooperative enterprises, sought benefits for the other party's enterprise, harmed the legitimate rights and interests of the reporting unit, and met the requirements for case filing, so he immediately made a "petition filing decision" in the case handling module of the law enforcement case-handling platform to initiate the petition approval procedure.

"The operation of enterprises involves a large amount of funds, and I am particularly worried that the cases involved cannot be handled fairly." The police intelligence law enforcement case-handling platform conducts 'point-to-point' supervision of civilian police law enforcement case handling, and all case information is recorded and circulated online, 'one port entry, one channel circulation, and the whole process of closed-loop disposal', effectively avoiding human intervention and ensuring the quality of case handling. Li Aijia said.

"Every link in the law enforcement process is carried out under the 'close watch' of the case-handling platform. The platform sets up time-based node alarms and early warning prompts for the online case handling process, and the system will automatically warn and prompt supervision for cases that are about to expire and have overdue risks. Cheng Long, deputy head of the third detachment of the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau's Legislative Affairs Corps, introduced that Tianjin Public Security adheres to strict standards, fair and civilized law enforcement, actively cracks down on enterprise-related illegal crimes, and establishes a supervision model that does not leave dead ends by strengthening the early warning mechanism, improving the efficiency and quality of law enforcement case handling, and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises.

Improve approval efficiency

Save on costs

Log in to the government affairs assistant platform of Tianjin Binhai New Area, from 50 "one enterprise, one certificate" office scenarios such as "private kindergartens", to "one thing for legal persons" such as "one thing for medical institutions", and then to "one thing for joint handling of licenses and licenses", the handling process, handling methods, consultation telephones, various key element information at a glance, enterprises or individuals can handle it with just a finger.

Corporate executives often change and adjust, and the licenses of more than 50 gas stations need to be changed in batches, which has made it difficult for Liu Weiwei, a staff member of PetroChina's Tianjin Sales Binhai branch who is in charge of gas station license changes.

"The procedures for changing the legal person of the enterprise at the gas station are cumbersome, and each one needs to be updated at the same time, and two sets of materials must be submitted alone. Now, you can directly 'package and do together' on the online platform, and more than 50 gas stations can fill in a page and you can do it! Less than 3 days after submitting the application, Liu Weiwei obtained a series of permits to change the legal person, becoming a beneficiary of the Binhai New Area's in-depth promotion of "one thing at a time".

Li Changhong, director of the Binhai New Area Government Service Office, introduced that in response to the problems reported by the enterprise masses, such as difficulty in doing things, slow work, multiple running, and running back and forth, Binhai New Area has deeply promoted "one thing at a time", so as to achieve "one notification, one form application, one set of materials, one mouth (end) acceptance, and one window to issue certificates", which shortens the processing time limit and reduces the time cost of enterprise masses.

"Since the beginning of this year, we have taken creating a first-class business environment as the annual focus of the city's rule of law government construction, highlighted the leading role of the rule of law in the high-quality development of Binhai New Area, and Binhai New Area took the lead in implementing 'high-frequency license joint handling of one thing', through the Binhai New Area government affairs assistant platform and Tianjin market entity one-network office platform interconnection, to achieve synchronous application of business licenses and high-frequency permits, the whole process of electronic processing, and explore a new path of 'access is permission to operate'." Luo Limin, deputy director of the Administrative Law Enforcement Coordination and Supervision Division of the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Justice, introduced.

Up to now, Binhai New Area has successively launched 77 "one thing" themed scenarios, basically achieving full coverage of high-frequency matters in the fields of enterprise start-up, quasi-operation and engineering construction projects, and the average approval time of the approval department has been reduced by more than 80%.

The 2023th World Intelligence Conference, <> China Road Cycling Open and "Damei Tianjin" Bicycle Ecological Tour, Tianjin's First Begonia Flower Festival... This year's large-scale activities in Tianjin are in full swing.

"With strong measures, we help enterprises complete the approval process as soon as possible, and provide efficient services and strong guarantees for the success of large-scale events." Ma Yuming, a police officer in charge of the public security management detachment of the Heping Branch of the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau, said.

On March 3, Wang Aiguo, deputy general manager of a cultural company in Beijing, came to the Heping Branch to inquire about the declaration requirements for local large-scale activities. Wang Aiguo's company was preparing to hold a performance in June, and when communicating and reviewing materials, the police found that there was a lack of venue rental contracts, risk assessment reports, etc., which may affect the performance to be held on time.

"We took the initiative to contact the performance venue, and after confirming that the venue rental contract had been signed, we informed Wang Aiguo that the event he applied for could accept the missing items." Ma Yuming introduced.

"I received the license decision in 3 days!" The online ticket sales of the performance went smoothly, and the stone in Wang Aiguo's heart fell to the ground.

Realize "one-network handling of large-scale mass activities", and shorten the time limit for security permits for large-scale mass activities to a maximum of 5 working days; Promote the realization of "one-window handling" for 140 public security services such as household registration and public security; Some high-frequency government service matters have been "handled by the whole city" and "handled across provinces"... In recent years, Tianjin Public Security has taken the initiative to serve economic and social development, opened up the "last mile" of serving the people, and realized that government service matters "should be on the Internet and all should be online", and the service capacity has been significantly enhanced.

Provide legal services

Prevent operational risks

Walking into Huamao Shoes and Clothing City located in Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, in this single market of more than 10,<> square meters, there are many shops dealing in footwear, clothing, bags and bags.

"What issues should be paid attention to to avoid trademark infringement?" "Can you say something like 'lowest on the whole network'?" Li Sheng, a lawyer at Zhejiang Kaili Law Firm, found during the visit to the "rule of law physical examination" that there is a strong atmosphere of e-commerce live broadcasting, and many merchants have certain legal risks in online live broadcasting.

"A large number of merchants and small and micro enterprises have a large demand for legal services, but the subject matter of most disputes is not large, which requires the use of 'rule of law physical examination' to prevent legal risks and resolve conflicts and disputes." Li Sheng said that in response to the multi-level rule of law needs of business entities, under the active promotion of the Shangcheng District Bureau of Justice and the street, law firms and the market provide pro bono legal services for merchants in the form of party building and joint construction, and extract the common needs of merchants from high-frequency cases, and carry out targeted law popularization.

In recent years, the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Justice has continued to carry out the "rule of law physical examination" activities for private enterprises, and organized lawyers and grassroots legal service workers to go to parks and enterprises to carry out legal services. "'Hope' the situation of the enterprise, 'hear' the demand, 'ask' the difficulty, 'cut' the main points, comprehensively analyze the legal needs and risk points of the enterprise in the 'legal physical examination', tailor legal opinions for the enterprise, and enhance the risk prevention ability of the enterprise." Xu Qian, secretary of the party committee and director of the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Justice, said that the "rule of law physical examination" activity not only helps enterprises operate in accordance with the law, but also focuses on resolving conflicts and disputes. Since 2020, lawyers in the city have carried out "legal physical examinations" for more than 10,4 private enterprises, solving about <>,<> problems or difficulties for enterprises.

"It's on the air, don't hesitate to grab this wave of freshwater pearl offers today" "Click the link below to grab"... Such a live broadcast selling scene is staged every day in East China International Jewelry City in Shanxia Lake Town, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province.

"Pearls are sold all over the world through the Internet, and at the same time, the disorderly competition and irregular behavior of live streaming have also brought troubles to local pearl companies, affecting the healthy development of the industry." Lu Danping, vice president of East China International Jewelry City, said.

"Some companies have reported that live broadcast salesmen have a high turnover and often maliciously slander and blackmail commissions." He Zhijiong, director of the Yamashita Lake Police Station, said that in July 2022, the local police liaison station in Pearl Town was established in East China International Jewelry City, and the police station was set up in the office space of the Pearl Industry Association to understand the needs of enterprises more closely.

In view of potential hidden dangers such as "non-performance of oral contracts" that may occur in the process of industry development, the Pearl Town Police Enterprise Liaison Station adheres to and develops the "Fengqiao Experience" in the new era, cooperates with local pearl industry associations and market supervision departments, establishes a mediation committee, formulates the "Pearl Commodity E-commerce Live Salesman Service Specification", etc., deepens pre-prevention, and avoids the occurrence of conflicts and disputes from the source.

"The pearl industry is developing very well, and we must maintain and standardize this industry well." He Zhijiong is full of confidence.

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