Changting, Fujian, May 5 (Jiang Peng) "Kung Fu pays off! The trees planted back then have finally grown, and the once bulging mountains have become a green ocean. On the top of the mountain in the Luhu area of Hetian Town, Changting County, Fujian Province, Chen Zhenghui, Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Director of the Fujian Sales Branch of China National Petroleum Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "PetroChina"), looked at the mountains full of greenery and sighed with emotion.

Recently, Chen Zhenghui and his entourage came to Changting County, the old revolutionary area, to carry out counterpart assistance work to "look back": "The next step is to manage and protect these mountains and forests, protect the ecology, and benefit the people in the old area." ”

Counterpart support: planting "10,000 mu of ecological public welfare forest"

More than a decade ago, Luhu Village was one of the serious soil erosion areas in Changting County, and locals often lamented that "the green mountains are there from afar, and the water and soil flow are up close".

In 2012, PetroChina was identified as the only state-owned enterprise in Changting County, an old revolutionary area, and made speeding up local soil erosion control a top priority. After several inspections and investigations, PetroChina quickly invested more than 4000 million yuan to start the project of building a "<>,<> mu ecological public welfare forest" in the area of Luhu Village, where soil erosion is the most serious.

From 2012 to 2013, the "6,10382 Mu Forest" project centered on Changting Water Protection Science and Education Park, planting more than 77,98 trees on <>,<> mu of mountainous land in six villages of Luhu, Mingguang, Zhuxi, Luodi, Bohu and Chenguang, with a survival rate of more than <>%.

The "10,000 Mu Forest" project has become a model project for local soil erosion control, turning the former barren mountains and ridges into a well-known forest park and the largest forest ecological landscape forest in soil erosion control in Fujian Province, and is also called "poverty alleviation forest" and "prosperity forest" by the local people.

"Public Welfare Forest" becomes "Prosperity Forest"

In the core area of the "1000,2-mu forest", 250,4000 mu and more than 600,<> seeds have borne fruit. According to the forestry department, the fruit of which can be used not only to extract oil and make natural lubricating oil, but also to make natural pollution-free toiletries; The annual economic output value of an adult seedless is about <> yuan, and the afforestation investment of more than <> million yuan can bring more than <> million yuan of income to the local area alone.

"After planting this forest, the biggest experience is that the environment has improved, and there is water for irrigation in the fields." Speaking of the changes in life, Luo Qunying, secretary of the Luhu Village branch, said that with the improvement of the ability of mountains and forests to conserve water sources, the land has become increasingly fertile, and the original planting of one season of rice can now be planted for two crops, and crops such as betel nut can also be planted, and the income has doubled.

Since 2012, the per capita annual income of Luhu Village has increased more than fivefold. More than 5 migrant workers have returned to their hometowns one after another to participate in the entrepreneurial army of economic planting and breeding under the forest.

According to preliminary statistics, in the past 11 years, the "6000,2500 mu forest" has achieved a total income of more than 10 million yuan, benefiting more than <>,<> people, of which more than <> poor people have been directly lifted out of poverty. The "<>,<> Mu Forest" project has achieved ecological beauty and prosperity for the people, and the investment of more than <> billion yuan to build a catalyst project has become a new engine for driving local economic development and helping Changting develop with high quality.

Invest more than 10 billion yuan to help build catalyst projects

In June 2020, the first modern petrochemical plant in Changting County, with a total investment of 6.10 billion yuan, was fully completed and put into operation in Changting Rare Earth Industrial Park. After the completion of the project, the annual output of 18,5 tons of petroleum catalysts, with an average annual sales revenue of nearly 7 million yuan, promotes the economic and social development of the old area.

The construction of this project has brought employment and income opportunities to farmers in surrounding townships such as Cewu and Hetian. At present, there are nearly 100 socialized employees engaged in loading, unloading, sorting, cleaning and other work in the enterprise.

"The catalyst project has increased the output value of Changting County, brought employment opportunities, and stimulated the development of rare earth industry, transportation, service and other industries." Lin Lishan, director of Changting County Rare Earth Industry Service Center, said that more importantly, PetroChina is a central enterprise of the world's top 500, and Lanzhou Petrochemical Changting Catalyst Co., Ltd. settled in Changting on behalf of PetroChina, which played a good demonstration role in attracting local investment.

The development of enterprises has activated the local economy, and local governments have fully supported the development of enterprises, solved problems for enterprises, and created a new situation of integration and co-construction of local enterprises.

In the early stage of the establishment of the factory, due to the shortage of costs, the greening of the factory area was not carried out temporarily, and the local government entered the factory site to work, invited professional companies to engage in greening design for the factory area, and planted camphor trees and Kelsang flowers in the factory area. The local government built a 110 kV substation to meet the electricity needs of enterprises... The integrated development of local enterprises has brought vitality and vitality to Changting Rare Earth Industrial Park.

At present, Xiamen Tungsten Industry, China Electronics Technology, Shin-Etsu Chemical, Longhe Inorganic Salt Co., Ltd. and other enterprises have successively settled in Changting Rare Earth Industrial Park, providing new impetus for the economic revitalization and development of the old revolutionary area.

The transmission of natural gas from the west to the east benefits people's livelihood

The picture shows the West-to-East Gas Transmission Project built by PetroChina in Changting. Photo courtesy of Changting County Rong Media Center

"Natural gas is good, clean and environmentally friendly, as simple and convenient as using tap water." Lao Du, a resident of Wolong Community, Tingzhou Town, Changting County, used to use bottled liquefied gas at home, and after being introduced, he went through the procedures for natural gas into his home and used natural gas.

Like Lao Du, thanks to the West-to-East Gas Transmission Project implemented by PetroChina, more than 12000,30 households and more than <> enterprises in Changting County currently use natural gas.

Xin Jinming, chairman of Changting Furan Natural Gas Company, said that the design pipeline capacity of the Changting branch line of west-to-east gas transmission is 1 million cubic meters per year (2000-3000 million cubic meters are used for catalyst projects, and the rest is used for civil natural gas and industrial enterprises). The project was completed and put into operation on October 2021, 10.

"The Changting branch line of West-to-East Gas Transmission is a major 'people's livelihood line' for PetroChina to help Changting County, an old area." Lai Jinyi, secretary of the Changting County CPC Committee, said. As early as February 2012, PetroChina clearly put forward the assistance measures of "implementing technology poverty alleviation and industrial poverty alleviation, and promoting counterpart assistance with the help of projects such as west-to-east gas transmission, natural gas power plants, and petroleum catalysts".

At present, Changting County is planning to implement the "natural gas power generation project", striving for PetroChina to continue to increase its support for the revitalization and development of old areas, and jointly planning and implementing a number of energy-saving, environmentally friendly, low-carbon and green natural gas energy utilization projects. Lai Jinyi said that Changting is fully qualified to build natural gas power generation projects and hopes to cooperate and develop together with PetroChina. (End)