【Commentary】On May 5, in LiuGong International Industrial Park, Liuzhou City, Guangxi, the 29 LiuGong May 2023 Global Customer Festival was held here. More than 5 merchants from China, South Africa, Russia, Indonesia and other countries and regions exchanged and experienced the new excavators, loaders and other engineering equipment developed by Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "LiuGong").

【Commentary】Different from traditional engineering equipment, some of LiuGong's engineering equipment adopts electric drive and driverless design, which can realize intelligent operation, intelligent dispatch and data visualization and other auxiliary operations, and maintain noise control and reliability at a high level. The wonderful performance demonstration triggered applause from the merchants in the audience.

Ali Ostusson, a representative of South Africa's ASB Mining Company, said that compared with other international construction machinery brands, these construction machinery from China are very cost-effective, and production safety and efficiency are also very good.

[During the same period] Ali Ostusson, representative of ASB Mining Company in South Africa

We use LiuGong excavators and loaders to load the slag onto trucks and then open pit mining. In South Africa, the price [of construction machinery] is a big deal for us. In terms of fuel efficiency, we were able to get a better price, while the fuel efficiency remained the same. In addition, production is key, the safe production of machines is very important, LiuGong is definitely a very good brand, if compared with other international brands.

【Commentary】With a history of 65 years, LiuGong is the "vanguard" in the field of construction machinery in China. Through continuous R&D and innovation, this once "small factory" in China's southwestern border has become a model for the transformation of China's construction machinery from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing".

Today, the company has more than 300 distributors, 30 overseas subsidiaries and institutions, 5 global R&D bases around the world, and its products are exported to more than 170 countries and regions such as the United States, Indonesia, and Brazil, and its adaptability to overseas markets is getting stronger and stronger.

【During the same period】LiuGong South Africa Regional Sales Specialist Xie Junyang

In recent years, the market competition is still relatively fierce, but LiuGong from different (product) options to each customer, to do different customization (services), such as South Africa, our main focus on customers or in the mining industry, we will go to the site, according to the working conditions and his needs, to do some adaptive improvements.

Afghan salesman Ajima, who is in charge of LiuGong's sales business in the Middle East, said that with the vigorous development of clean energy in the Middle East, new energy construction machinery from LiuGong is gradually favored.

【During the same period】LiuGong Middle East Regional Sales Specialist Ajma

Because fuel is cheaper in the Middle East, and then most of the (merchants) are still using internal combustion vehicles, but in terms of the environment, some countries are now demanding large, and now electric forklifts are just getting started, (per year) about 100 (electric forklifts).

【Commentary】Nowadays, the proportion of overseas business of many construction machinery listed companies in China in the overall revenue has generally increased. In 2022, Zoomlion's export sales revenue increased by more than 365% year-on-year; Sany Heavy Industry's overseas market revenue reached 71.<> billion yuan, accounting for nearly half of the total revenue.

With the development of the entire industry, China's construction machinery products are increasingly showing the trend of internationalization, electrification and intelligence.

Reporting by Liu Juncong, Wei Guozheng, and Liuzhou, Guangxi

Responsible Editor: [Sun Jingbo]