Hefei, May 5 (Reporter Zhang Jun Zhang Yazi) The development of aerospace information industry has ushered in a period of major opportunities in recent years, and Hefei City, Anhui Province, relying on its own industrial and innovation advantages, lost no time to seize new outlets, conserve the "aerospace system" industrial ecology, and create a new industrial landmark.

The "High-quality Development Research Tour" interview group recently came to Zhongke Xingtu Co., Ltd. in Hefei, and all kinds of digital earth products were refreshing.

"Digital Earth" is a digital model of the earth, which as a carrier platform to open up the satellite resources in the sky and the application of the above-ground industry, integrates a new generation of information technology, geographic information technology and aerospace industry, which not only allows people to quickly and intuitively understand the earth, but also empowers the industry and helps social and economic development.

According to Tang Deke, senior vice president of Star Map, under the background of digital economy, the team has also expanded new application fields and forms of digital earth such as education, cultural tourism, and news, and initially formed a service operation model of online digital earth business.

Digital Earth Technology Application Explanation. Photo courtesy of Zhongke Star Map

In recent years, there are many "aerospace system" enterprises like Zhongke Xingtu that have landed in Hefei. In order to accelerate the high-quality development of the aerospace information industry, Hefei has launched a series of policies in terms of fixed asset investment, headquarters economy, listing and financing, talent introduction, enterprise research and development, scale development, and innovation platform construction. This includes completing the establishment of the 50 billion yuan "Anhui Aerospace Information Industry Fund", deeply implementing the three-year action of scenario innovation, and fully opening up three types of scenarios: enterprise production, government application, and urban construction and management, to help enterprises become bigger and stronger.

In addition, Hefei has also cultivated talent support advantages, and established an expert advisory committee in cooperation with more than 10 key enterprises and institutions such as the Aerospace Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Star Map of China Science and Technology, and the China Electric Power Society; Support colleges and universities to set up aerospace information-related majors to provide sufficient talent reserves for the industry; Continue to increase the attraction and support of high-level professionals, and strive to keep and develop all kinds of talents.

Hefei has also built a national demonstration "China Star City", accelerated the establishment of the constellation system, focused on the core links such as the constellation system and upstream and downstream shortcomings, and strengthened the layout in the fields of satellites, rockets, aviation materials, chip manufacturing, and terminal equipment.

According to statistics, since the end of 2021, Hefei has signed 40 new aerospace information projects, with an agreed investment of more than 300 billion yuan, bringing together more than 80 aerospace information industry related enterprises and innovation platforms. (End)