China News Network, May 5 (Zhongxin Financial Reporter Xie Yiguan) On May 31, the China Consumer Association issued the "June 5" consumption tips, summarizing five precautions and reminding parents to pay attention.

Pay attention to food safety

Summer is coming, and the continuous high temperature weather is easy to breed all kinds of bacteria and mold. The China Consumer Association reminds parents to pay attention to their children's food hygiene and avoid food poisoning. First, when eating out, you should choose a catering service unit with complete business qualifications and a clean and hygienic environment, and pay attention to check whether the food is fresh and cooked thoroughly. Second, when ordering food online, try to choose a catering unit close to the order to shorten the food delivery time. After receiving the food, check the packaging and the quality of the ingredients, and do not store it for a long time.

Pay attention to toy safety

The China Consumer Association also reminds parents that when choosing toys for their children, they should pay attention to reviewing the quality of toys and eliminating hidden risks. First, pay attention to toy logo labels, give priority to products certified by national compulsory standards, and do not buy "three no" products without manufacturer names, addresses and contact information. Second, do not buy small toys with bright colors and sweet smells for children under three years old to avoid accidental eating. The third is not to buy toys or furniture with sharp edges and sharp edges to avoid children from bruising and bruising. The fourth is to pay attention to the warning words in the toy logo, which usually contains important information, and parents should pay attention to the warning words and prompts in the purchase to avoid unnecessary harm.

Stay safe

In terms of play, the China Consumer Association said that parents choose to take their children to amusement parks, swimming pools, parks and other outdoor play, first, try not to choose reservoirs, ponds, wells, rivers and other dangerous places to play, bathe, fish, if you choose to swim, you must choose a regular swimming place accompanied by parents throughout the process. The second is to teach children to consciously abide by traffic rules, ride in a civilized manner, do not cross the highway at will, and do not approach the car before stopping. The third is to take good care of the child at all times to prevent the child from getting lost. The fourth is to do a good job of personal protection in public places to prevent virus infection.

Pay attention to eye safety

In the view of the China Consumer Association, the myopia rate of children and adolescents in China has been at a high level, according to the current medical level, myopia can not be cured, timely scientific prevention and control is the real "good medicine". First, when children use electronic products, parents should control the time and distance of their eyes. After 30-40 minutes of learning with electronic products, you should take a 10-minute break; The younger the age, the shorter the continuous use of electronics. Second, the single use time of electronic products for non-learning purposes should not exceed 15 minutes, and the cumulative time should not exceed 1 hour per day. The third is to maintain correct reading and writing posture, good reading and writing habits are essential to protect children's vision health. The fourth is to try to ensure that children do not less than 2 hours of outdoor activities every day.

Pay attention to the safety of funds

Many education and training institutions choose to promote large-scale promotions during the "June Day" period, and the China Consumer Association also reminds parents to keep their eyes open and protect their own rights and interests. The first is to choose an off-campus training institution with qualifications. Some off-campus training institutions have not obtained administrative permits issued by the competent authorities, or have carried out illegal training such as "one-on-one", "live-in teachers" and "high-end housekeeping" in the name of individuals, which are not qualified, have no quality assurance, and have great safety risks. Parents can inquire through the "Off-campus Training Parent Terminal" APP, the national comprehensive platform for off-campus education and training supervision and service of the Ministry of Education. Non-subject training reminds parents not to pay close attention to the risk of injury or even paralysis that may result from children's dance "lower back" movements.

Second, when making prepaid consumption, do not recharge a large amount at one time, sign a written contract with the merchant, carefully review the terms of the contract, and clarify important matters such as the scope of use, validity period, function, return conditions and liability for breach of contract of the prepaid card.

Third, in the process of consumption, personal information should be protected, and sensitive information such as mobile phone numbers, home or work addresses, and property status should not be disclosed unless necessary, and should not scan QR codes or click on unknown links at will to prevent telecommunications fraud.

Fourth, when children play video games, pay attention to the changes in account funds to prevent unnecessary losses. (End)