The CEO of SEAT and president of the automotive employer Anfac, Wayne Griffiths, has urged the Government to launch at least before the elections the call for new aid with European funds in the second part of the automotive Perte to decide whether or not to expand investments in Spain.

"It is very important for us because we have to make important decisions about investments and they depend on the aid of this Perte," he told a group of journalists after investing in the annual meeting of the Cercle d'Economía.

The Minister of Industry, Héctor Gómez, has transferred to Griffiths that the call will take place in the month of June regardless of the electoral advance, as the CEO of Seat has implied that he urges that this commitment be fulfilled. "My information is that it doesn't affect. The preparation was very advanced and I hope it comes out before the elections," he said in Barcelona. Gomez's predecessor, Reyes Maroto, promised the call for the first quarter but could not get it out on those dates before leaving the Ministry.

Seat intends to expand by hundreds of millions its already large investment program of 10,000 million euros in Spain if it obtains aid from the second attempt of the so-called Perte VEC, that of the electric and connected vehicle. Its goal now is to expand its Martorell facilities in Catalonia with a "battery assembly" factory. "It would be like a new factory within the factory," he said.

More generally, the president of the automotive employers has warned of the danger that the electoral advance does not lead later to a quick government. He has called for "a new government as soon as possible so that we do not enter a greater period of uncertainty." He lamented that "time is already being lost" with the automotive sector in reference to the low support of the Government to the sale of electric vehicles and to deploy charging points throughout the country.

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