Zhengzhou, May 5 (Reporter Han Zhangyun) On May 30, the Office of the Rural Work Leading Group of the Henan Provincial Party Committee issued a document requiring that the economic compensation function of agricultural insurance be fully utilized, and the wheat insurance claims settlement work in 5 be done to reduce the losses of wheat farmers as much as possible. On the same day, Henan Province's finance urgently allocated 30 million yuan for wheat drying.

Henan is the province with the largest wheat sowing area in China, accounting for a quarter of the country's annual wheat production, and the province has sown more than 8500 million mu of wheat this year.

Severe "rotten rain" weather

Since the 25th of this month, continuous rainy weather has led to water accumulation in wheat fields in some parts of the province, wheat spots lodging and moldy, and wheat grain germination and ear germination in some parts of the province, which is the most serious "rotten rain" weather in more than 10 years.

The rainfall process in Henan has three characteristics: long duration, wide impact and large rainfall. From the 25th to the 30th, the rainfall lasted for 6 days, covering 17 provinces and municipalities and Jiyuan demonstration areas in the province, which highly coincided with the ripening period of wheat in southern Henan, especially on the wheat harvest in Zhumadian, Nanyang and other places.

Take many measures to rush to harvest summer grain and return it to the warehouse

The meteorological department predicts that this round of rainfall in Henan will basically end on May 5, and in addition to local sporadic rainfall before June 30, the main wheat areas in Henan Province will be mainly cloudy and cloudy, which is conducive to large-scale machine harvesting operations. The agricultural department is expected to basically have the conditions for agricultural machinery to operate on June 6, enter the concentrated harvest period of wheat south of the Yellow River on June 13, and form a peak harvest from June 6 to 1, and it is expected that the Henan wheat harvest will basically end around June 6.

At present, Henan is taking various measures to seize the opportunity and organize a wheat harvest. Among them, in terms of harvest rush, Henan's existing 3,<> crawler harvesters and harvesting equipment from neighboring provinces are used to rush to harvest fields that are difficult to enter after rain; In terms of drying and drying, use drying equipment and make full use of various places to actively carry out drying to prevent direct accumulation and cause heat and mildew; In terms of grain procurement, we will increase the purchase of wet grain, and carry out drying and storage in a timely manner.

At the same time, Henan has also organized and set up more than 600 emergency collection service teams to do a good job in ensuring the rush to collect in its jurisdiction, and provide emergency collection services for people in difficulty and remote areas with inconvenient transportation in a timely manner. Eighteen provincial-level expert guidance groups went to the front line to carry out technical guidance services for harvesting and seeding. For the wheat seed fields in the province, priority will be given to organizing a rush to harvest, giving priority to drying and drying to ensure the quality and quantity of seeds sown in autumn.

In addition, Henan requires good wheat harvesting and storage. Guide all kinds of market entities to actively carry out acquisitions, give play to the role of state-owned grain collection and storage enterprises as the main force, and increase the intensity of acquisitions. Strengthen market monitoring and early warning, and guide farmers to sell grain in an orderly manner and enterprises to collect grain in a balanced manner. Standardize grain procurement and collect all that should be collected. For grain that does not meet the food standards, we organize the purchase of grain at points, on the one hand, to ensure that it does not flow into the grain market, and on the other hand, to protect the interests of grain farmers to the greatest extent.

Do a good job of insurance claims to reduce farmers' losses

On the 30th, the Office of the Rural Work Leading Group of the Henan Provincial Party Committee issued the Notice on Coordinating with the Settlement of Wheat Insurance Claims in 2023 (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), actively cooperating with insurance compensation, effectively playing the role of agricultural insurance stabilizer, protecting the income of wheat farmers, and ensuring the implementation of the national policy of benefiting farmers.

The Notice requires that claims settlement institutions be instructed to strengthen the application of new technologies such as drones and satellite remote sensing, and make every effort to deal with a large number of wheat insurance reports, surveys, damage assessments and claims that may occur in the near future. Supervise and urge insurers to establish green channels for claims settlement, provide multi-channel reporting channels, and make full use of digital, online, and intelligent technical means to improve claims service methods, simplify claims procedures, and improve claims efficiency.

On the 30th, after the special study decision of the Henan Provincial Government, Henan Province urgently allocated 2 million yuan of funds for wheat drying to ensure the quality of wheat, ensure the return of grains to the warehouse, and ensure farmers' income. (End)