Beijing, May 5 (Reporter Du Yan) In order to promote the construction of smart cities and focus on solving people's livelihood problems such as urban parking difficulties and parking chaos, the 30rd China International Urban Parking Industry Expo 2023 opened at the China International Exhibition Center (Chaoyang Pavilion) in Beijing on the 29th.

The exhibition area of the expo reached 15000,146 square meters, bringing together many excellent parking industry leaders, attracting 100 enterprises to participate, focusing on displaying nearly 4586 market-leading new technologies, new products, new solutions and application cases, and signing <>.<> million yuan on site. The expo has built a platform for the parking industry to share new market opportunities brought by scientific and technological innovation, leading the forefront of the development of the smart parking industry.

Smart parking helps smart city construction

The 2023 China Parking Expo exchanges and displays urban parking solutions, further accelerates the construction of smart cities and the development of intelligent transportation, and promotes the orderly development of the urban parking industry.

Liu Lihua, former vice minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, deputy director of the Economic Committee of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and member of the Strategic Advisory Committee for the Construction of a National Manufacturing Power, pointed out at the opening ceremony of the expo that the parking industry, as a civilian production industry integrating equipment manufacturing, information technology and modern services, needs to accelerate the transformation of the development mode, adjust the industrial structure, cultivate new growth momentum and new advantages, and better serve and integrate into the new development pattern with effective quality improvement and reasonable growth in quantity.

Jing Xiaobo, chairman of the Parking Equipment Working Committee of China Heavy Machinery Industry Association, said in his speech that under the diversified market demand of the expo, exhibitors focus on key innovative technologies, constantly innovate, brand products with independent intellectual property rights continue to emerge, technological initiatives and innovative technologies to fill the gap emerge one after another, the number of invention patents and utility model patent products has steadily risen, and has become a display of cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, leading the industry to open up new fields and new tracks. Create an exchange and trade platform with new momentum and new advantages for development.

Li Liping, president of the Construction Industry Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, pointed out that as an important part of urban renewal, smart parking plays an important role in urban planning and construction at this stage, and will also become an important support for the implementation of urban renewal actions. Smart parking can not only accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry, but also drive the release of related consumption potential, and there is still much room for improvement in the future market scale. The urban parking industry should seek new development opportunities under the new situation, identify new growth points, and create a new urban parking industry ecology.

Hu Huanyu, chairman of the Urban Parking Professional Committee of the China Municipal Engineering Association, said that the three main points of "revitalizing assets, data elements and digital government" point out three major ideas for the future high-quality development of the parking industry. On the whole, taking parking governance as the entry point and parking networking as the starting point, promoting the centralized operation of public resources and the networked operation of social resources, realizing the value-added of parking resource data and the release of financial attributes of the parking industry, is an effective path for the high-quality development of the current parking industry.

Zhang Bimin, secretary of the party committee, chairman and general manager of Beijing Static Transportation Investment and Operation Co., Ltd., said at the meeting that the company is assisting the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission to promote the application of the "Technical Requirements for Smart Parking System" standard, actively layout smart parking infrastructure, and create a city-level smart parking benchmark project.

International perspective to seek the development of the parking industry

2023 China Parking Expo anchored the international parking event, on the basis of focusing on the display of the latest achievements, advanced technologies and cutting-edge products in the parking field, the 2023th International Parking (Beijing) Summit and the first China International Parking Capital Conference <> will be held at the same time, to promote the exhibition, to bring the exhibition with the exhibition, the exhibition linkage, bring together experts and scholars and excellent enterprises in the industry, continue to output new views, new concepts, new thinking, new methods, promote the collision of ideas in the industry, exchange and cooperation, etc. Create a professional parking industry exhibition brand with international influence.

The conference closely follows the theme of "Smart City, Smart Parking", invites representatives from relevant government agencies, industry association experts, representatives of urban parking platforms and national excellent parking enterprises, etc., to share experience and in-depth discussions on hot issues such as "exploration of capital operation mode in the parking field, exploration of smart parking solutions, solutions of parking facilities in different application scenarios, and sharing of user-side parking operation cases", focusing on the opportunities and development of the smart parking market and promoting the integration of industry in the current development and construction of smart cities From the aspects of parking industry investment policy, investment and operation environment, smart parking business model and project cooperation ideas, we will jointly discuss new opportunities for the development of China's parking industry, provide suggestions for promoting the healthy and vigorous development of the smart parking industry, and comprehensively help promote the solid foundation of the international parking industry, prosper the parking industry market, and promote the high-quality development of the 2023 China Parking Expo.

In addition, the expo has built an international exchange platform, ambassadors and business counselors from more than 20 countries in China, and more than 50 visiting delegations from all over the country in the fields of government, industry, learning, research and application, and it is expected that 2000,<> delegates and guests will visit the expo to understand new technologies, new products and new solutions for urban parking in the first time, explore the development trend of urban parking in China, and further seek opportunities for achievement transformation and business cooperation.

Build a platform for the whole industry chain to display and communicate

China International Urban Parking Industry Expo began in 1998 and is the earliest professional expo focusing on the field of urban parking in China.

The opening ceremony of this expo held the 2023 Machinery Industry Quality Brand (Mechanical Parking Equipment Industry) Awarding Ceremony, and 20 enterprises were awarded the "2023 Machinery Industry Quality Brand" certificate.

The expo also held a new product release and centralized signing ceremony for enterprises, with a total signing amount of 4586.<> million yuan.

The expo is hosted by the Parking Equipment Working Committee of China Heavy Machinery Industry Association, the Construction Industry Branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Urban Parking Professional Committee of China Municipal Engineering Association, Beijing Static Transportation Investment and Operation Co., Ltd. and other units, aiming to further strengthen the exchange and cooperation of the smart parking industry, help the construction of smart city and the development of intelligent transportation, and promote the development of the urban parking industry to a new level. (End)