Unleash the potential of snack consumption (Consumer Windows)

The catering industry is a key area to promote consumption, benefit people's livelihood and stabilize employment, and snacks are an important category in the catering industry. According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, from January to April this year, China's catering revenue increased by 1.4% year-on-year, which was 19.8 percentage points higher than the total retail sales of consumer goods. How to further promote the high-quality development of the snack industry and build a new development pattern with better services, the reporter conducted an interview.

The catering market has accelerated its recovery, created new consumption scenarios, and enriched the new supply of special snacks

At 8 p.m., Mr. Duck's marinated restaurant in Sanmingsha, Fujian Province, was full of customers. This newly opened restaurant has become famous for its local marinated snacks. "It's a rush hour in the evening, and you often have to queue for meals." The waiter said, "Business has been good since the restaurant opened, and many customers come from out of town. ”

Crispy and refreshing hand-beaten flat meat, crystal clear roasted meat, attractive Shaxian plate duck... Recently, the Chinese Famous Snacks Cultural Tourism Carnival held in Shaxian Snack Culture City attracted a large number of consumers to come to try it. "The tip of the tongue was satisfied, and I learned a lot about the food culture, which was worth the trip." Li Wei, a tourist who came from Fuzhou to participate in the event, said.

China's snacks are diverse and rich in taste, which not only provides more choices for people's catering consumption, but also becomes a carrier for spreading local food culture. In recent years, a number of regional snack brands such as Shaxian snacks, Lanzhou ramen, and Liuzhou snail powder have flourished, meeting the diversified consumption needs of the people and becoming a bright business card of these cities.

On May 5, the snack industry development site hosted by the Ministry of Commerce was held in Shaxian District. "The snack industry is directly related to the increase of people's income and daily life, and is a large industry that promotes consumption, benefits people's livelihood and stabilizes employment." Wang Dongtang, director of the Department of Trade in Services and Commercial Services of the Ministry of Commerce, said.

Data show that China's catering industry has more than 600 million business entities, more than 2000 million employees, and an annual income of nearly 4.4 trillion yuan, accounting for 10% of the total retail sales of social consumer goods, of which snacks are the largest category in the catering industry. Meituan data shows that snacks account for about 60% of the number of catering take-out orders, and the transaction amount accounts for more than 50%.

"At present, the national catering market is accelerating its recovery, enterprise confidence continues to improve, and new scenarios and new formats continue to emerge, in this context, vigorously developing the snack industry will effectively promote the high-quality development of the catering industry and meet people's needs for a better life." Wang Dongtang said.

The development of specialty snacks is inseparable from policy support. Fujian has successively introduced policies and measures such as the establishment of food streets (cities), the guidance on promoting the "going out" of Fujian cuisine, and the acceleration of the high-quality development of the prepared vegetable industry, and has also compiled the "Blue Book on the Development of Fujian Cuisine" to provide guidance for the development of Fujian cuisine catering and snack industries in various places. Xiamen has issued special fund management measures for commercial circulation and life service industries, launched special policies to support life service industries such as catering, and provided more than 2022.2775 million yuan of policy funds for life service industries in <>.

Create new consumption scenes, enrich new supplies, and special snacks are an important starting point. Sichuan Chengdu Jianshe Road, Deyang Temple of Literature Xintiandi, Meishan Dongpo Impression Water Street and a number of food streets that mainly operate special snacks have become popular destinations for many consumers. In commercial complexes such as Chengdu China Business Financial Center, Dongzikou Zhanglao Wuliang Powder, Panzhihua Mutton Rice Noodles, Sweet Duck, Tofu Brain and other special snacks are available, allowing consumers to enjoy their mouthful.

Consumer demand is upgrading, and the snack industry is also continuing to innovate. Liuzhou, Guangxi has built an e-commerce industrial park for snail powder, introduced channel resources such as platform e-commerce, live streaming e-commerce, and community group buying, and promoted Liuzhou snail powder into supermarkets, progress meetings, and scenic spots. Liuzhou snail powder has exceeded 1 million pieces of postal express delivery every year for two consecutive years.

Integration and development have gradually become a trend, and the "tip of the tongue" drives the "toe", promoting the integration of the snack industry with tourism, cultural and creative industries

"Knowing that snail flour is a local snack, I wanted to taste the most authentic taste." In Liuzhou, Guangxi, said Wang Meng, a tourist from Shenzhen.

The integrated development of "snail powder + cultural tourism" is becoming a new highlight of Liuzhou's cultural tourism market. Make good use of the "tip of the tongue" to drive the "toe" effect, launch the "snail powder tour" special line, create a snail powder theme scenic spot, Liuzhou special snack articles are getting better and better. During this year's May Day holiday, Liuzhou received 390,14,103 tourists, a year-on-year increase of 6.35%; Tourism consumption reached 93.111 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 1.<>%.

"In the process of promoting the high-quality development of the snack industry, integrated development is an inevitable trend." Song Xiaoxi, vice president of China Hotel Association, believes that promoting the integration of the snack industry with tourism, cultural creativity, prepared vegetables and other industries, and driving the development of related industries such as characteristic agricultural planting, raw and auxiliary materials production and processing, kitchenware and tableware design, can make greater contributions to economic and social development while better developing the snack industry.

In Jiangxi, many cities have launched a new model of "Gan cuisine snack +", which has stimulated new vitality in industrial development. Nanchang Wanshougong Historical and Cultural District, Lushan Xihai Zhelin Old Town Intangible Cultural Heritage Food Cultural and Creative Park, Jingde Memory Food Customs Street and a number of consumption scenes with local snacks as the main business format, the "May Day" holiday has become the main destination for tourists to check in and citizens to consume.

The cooperation between snacks and cultural creativity is becoming a new fashion for consumption. China World Hotel and Guangzhou Museum jointly created mooncake gourmet cultural and creative products, extracted elements from the cultural relics in the collection of Guangzhou Museum, "Black Lacquer Painted Gold Window Courtyard Character Sewing Box", and restored five classic mooncakes such as Xi Shi Drunken Moon, so that Guangzhou snack cultural and creative products can get closer to more consumers.

The relevant person in charge of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce said that it is necessary to dig deep into Guangzhou's catering culture and explore the creation of a "Cantonese Food Culture Expo Park" in Liwan District that integrates Cantonese catering experience platform, Cantonese art and cultural relics display platform to better meet consumer demand.

In the production workshop of Shaxian District Shangengyuan Food Co., Ltd., workers are busy stir-frying sauerkraut, and in the company's delivery warehouse, the staff packs the products..."We have reached cooperation with more than 10 restaurant chain brands, and the company drives the masses to increase income and become rich through the 'order + cooperative' model." Lai Ruqiu, general manager of the company, said.

Relying on the snack industry, Shaxian District actively cultivates a multi-field, full-chain, and deep-level snack specialty food industry, extending from the initial catering industry to a multi-link and multi-series industrial chain from production and planting to processing and sales. Sha County has established a base of about 6,2 mu for the cultivation and breeding of edible fungi, spices and other snack ingredients, driving 5,500 farmers to engage in planting and breeding; Shaxian snack industrial park was built and put into use, which can achieve an annual output value of <> million yuan; Through snack brands to gather popularity, activate cultural tourism consumption, attract more than <> million people to Shaxian every year.

Optimize the environment, cultivate brands, improve standards, and promote the high-quality development of the snack industry

"The development of the snack industry must adhere to the guidance of the government and the market." Wang Dongtang said that the snack industry has a high degree of marketization, and the vast majority of individual industrial and commercial enterprises and small and micro enterprises account for the main part of the business entities, and more than 95% of the snack business entities are individual industrial and commercial enterprises. When developing the snack industry, we must fully mobilize the enthusiasm of business entities and focus on optimizing the environment, cultivating brands, and improving standards.

Wang Dongtang believes that there are still problems such as inadequacy, imbalance and non-standardization in the development of the snack industry, and the problems of weak anti-risk and weak innovation ability of catering enterprises still exist. It is necessary to build a number of snack industry clusters and promote the coordinated development of the industrial chain; Cultivate a number of well-known brands, inherit and develop China's excellent catering culture, effectively improve the development quality of the snack industry, further release the potential of snack consumption, and better play the role of the snack industry in promoting consumption, benefiting people's livelihood and stabilizing employment.

To develop the specialty snack industry, we must not only guard the roots of culture, but also strengthen innovation. Xing Ying, president of the World Federation of Catering Industry, said that snacks are an important part of Chinese cuisine, with a long history, rich categories, exquisite flavor, and rich in traditional Chinese cultural characteristics. The innovation of snacks must be based on excavating traditional cooking skills, preserving characteristics, culture and feelings, and on this basis, strengthening the integration and reference of food cultures in different regions to enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of special snacks.

"The healthy and sustainable development of the snack industry requires a good environment." Wu Ying, vice president of the China Cuisine Association, said that around the development of the snack industry, the China Cuisine Association has made efforts in many aspects such as inheriting culture, building brands, integrating resources, and improving standards to promote the high-quality development of the snack industry. In the future, we will continue to help more snacks achieve product standardization, brand development chain, and industrial management data, so that more consumers can understand the culture of special snacks and create a better environment for the development of the snack industry.

"The digitalization of catering is a key initiative to develop the snack industry." Zhang Lin, vice president of Meituan Research Institute, said that the snack industry has large market demand, high consumption frequency, and easy standardization of products, which has obvious advantages in digital development. In the next step, Meituan will actively use the power of digitalization to provide full-process digital management and online marketing support and guarantee for catering and snack enterprises, helping catering and snack enterprises enhance their influence and promote traditional Chinese food culture.

Wang Dongtang said that the Ministry of Commerce will guide catering industry associations and takeaway platforms to increase efforts to stop catering waste, support the formulation of a number of anti-catering waste and green development standards, guide enterprises to accelerate the pace of green transformation and development, and support the creation of snack industry clusters in various places. In addition, it will accelerate the formulation of guidance on the digital empowerment of life services, and guide life service enterprises, including catering industries such as snacks, to accelerate the pace of digital transformation and upgrading. Take multiple measures to improve the industrialization, standardization, branding, digitalization and greening of the snack industry, promote the high-quality development of the snack industry, and make greater contributions to the construction of a new development pattern of services and the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy.

(People's Daily reporter Wang Ke)