A demonstration of driving a car with "synthetic fuel", which is expected to be put to practical use as it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions to virtually zero, has been released in Shizuoka Prefecture.

The demonstration was conducted by ENEOS, a major oil distributor that is developing synthetic fuel technology, and was unveiled at a facility at Fuji Speedway in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Synthetic fuels are fuels made by synthesizing carbon dioxide and hydrogen, and are characterized by their ability to be used in existing engine vehicles.

If it is manufactured with carbon dioxide emitted from factories, etc., it can reduce emissions to virtually zero, and it is expected to be put to practical use.

The demonstration used a production car of Toyota Motor Corporation and injected synthetic fuel into the fuel tank at a rate of 10% of the total.

The driver was Toyota President Tsuneharu Sato and others, and drove one lap on a course of about 1 meters.

After the trip, President Sato said, "Synthetic fuels account for 250%, so it was no different from the feeling of driving a normal car, so we would like to launch EVs and realize a state where all decarbonization options are available as soon as possible, while also working on synthetic fuels."

In addition, ENEOS President Takeshi Saito said, "We will consider the timing of commercialization while taking into account the sales strategies of automakers, etc., and we would like to bring forward our current target of 10."