Zhongxin Wanghai, May 5 (Reporter Chen Jing) Heart failure (also known as heart failure) is a chronic, spontaneous disease, heart failure has the characteristics of high mortality rate and high rehospitalization rate. However, for a long time, the treatment of heart failure lacked a non-invasive, accurate and rapid means of volume assessment.

At the 27th Oriental Congress of Cardiology held here on the 17th, a heart failure management device (ReDS™ Pro) independently developed and produced by Chinese companies that can accurately measure the lung water content of patients was officially released, which is expected to change this dilemma and open a new stage of non-invasive monitoring for the management of heart failure diseases in China: patients only need to wear it externally, and the results can be quickly obtained 45 seconds after monitoring.

It is understood that the device can greatly reduce the risk of rehospitalization of patients, and significantly improve the prognosis of patients and improve their quality of life. Ge Junbo, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, told reporters on the same day: "Heart failure is one of the most serious challenges facing cardiovascular disease in the 21st century. For most patients who have not progressed to advanced stages, the pain point of heart failure is not the initial diagnosis but the management of heart failure after diagnosis, among which the monitoring and evaluation of lung water is the focus of heart failure management. ”

Heart failure is the terminal for the development of various heart diseases. "Usually the lung water capacity of patients with heart failure will increase, and quantitative lung water monitoring and evaluation of patients with heart failure can effectively intervene as soon as possible to reduce the risk of rehospitalization." Academician Ge Junbo said frankly: "However, for a long time, there has been a lack of innovative medical device products around the field of heart failure. It is necessary to have an ideal heart failure management device with non-invasive, accurate and rapid capacity assessment methods. ”

On April 4, the ReDS™ Pro non-invasive pulmonary fluid measuring instrument was approved for marketing in China, and the device is also a global leader. It rapidly and quantitatively detects lung water levels in a non-invasive way by sending low-power electromagnetic signals to the lungs to guide the adjustment of drug treatment regimens such as diuretics.

Professor Yang Jiefu, director of the Heart Center of Beijing Hospital, said in an interview that among the existing heart failure management equipment, weight management, auscultation and X-ray and ultrasound are more common. However, when chest x-ray can see bruising, it indicates that the patient has obvious clinical symptoms. ReDS™ Pro is a heart failure management device that can obtain monitoring results in only 45 seconds, which is suitable for early screening and diagnosis of heart failure patients, and has important use value.

Professor William Abraham, a member of the Heart Failure Committee of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC-HFA) and a world-renowned heart failure expert, also expressed his recognition of ReDS™ Pro on the same day. He believes that an ideal heart failure management device should comply with the "5A principle", namely: the appropriate signal must be able to measure the appropriate signal, the Accurate sensor must be accurate, Absolute can provide an absolute value for the doctor's reference, the information provided by Actionable must directly guide action, and finally, the Algorithm can provide an algorithm to guide clinicians how to use the information. There are very few devices in the world that comply with the "5A principle", and ReDS™ Pro is one of them.

Wang Li, chairman of a related company that develops and produces ReDS™ Pro, said: "Adhering to the responsibility and commitment of 'medical care with heart, heart as lamp, and global technology and medical world', the company provides patients with safe, reliable and easy-to-use medical devices through continuous innovation and research and development. This time, the approval of ReDS™ Pro for listing in China reflects the government's 'China speed' for the strategic development of heart failure diseases. (End)