A hydrogen-powered car fueled by liquid hydrogen is participating in an automobile race held in Shizuoka Prefecture for the first time in the world. This means that the cruising range of liquid hydrogen is about twice that of gaseous hydrogen.

At Fuji Speedway in Shizuoka Prefecture, a 28-hour endurance race is being held until the 24th, and hydrogen engine cars fueled by "liquid hydrogen" developed by Toyota are participating.

"Liquid hydrogen" has a higher energy density than gaseous hydrogen, so the cruising range is about twice as long, so it is the first time in the world that a "liquid hydrogen" hydrogen-powered car will participate in a race.

In the race, Chairman Akio Toyoda also served as the driver, and he drove through the course with a loud engine noise.

Toyota originally planned to enter a "liquid hydrogen" hydrogen-powered car in the race held in Mie Prefecture in March, but it was missed due to a hydrogen leak during a test run.

In response to this, measures such as separating hydrogen pipes from high-temperature areas and attaching covers to pipe joints have been taken to improve safety.

At a press conference held there, President Tsuneharu Sato stated, "The motorsports field is the ultimate stage for training skills and people, and it is very important to develop technologies that contribute to future carbon neutrality.