【Commentary】On May 5, the 26 China International Big Data Industry Expo opened in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. The annual theme of this year's Digital Expo is "Integration of Digital Reality and Calculation to Enlighten the Future".

At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is deeply developed, digital technology and the real economy are deeply integrated, big data, big models, large computing power to the future society to bring infinite imagination space, the surging kinetic energy of the digital economy has become a key force driving economic development, at the same time, the application of digital technology in various scenarios has greatly improved the happiness of people's lives. In the view of former Croatian Deputy Prime Minister Sima Šimonić, human beings must continue to learn in the face of emerging technologies in order to innovate and disseminate technologies and better empower human life and production.

Former Croatian Deputy Prime Minister Sima Šimonic

I believe that every aspect of contemporary human activity will be influenced by emerging technologies. As mentioned about the interaction between telemedicine and the digital economy, or agriculture and technology, all of these will actually promote technology. In the process, we can see that it holds many new possibilities. Technology has the power to use knowledge to help us produce, and all we need to do is share that knowledge with others through education.

As China's first national big data comprehensive pilot zone, Guizhou is currently accelerating the construction of a digital economy development innovation zone with the traction of "counting from east to west", and the construction of a new generation of digital infrastructure such as data centers, computing power networks, and 5G is making steady progress. Since the full launch of China's "East Data and West Computing" project, Guizhou has gathered many leading computing power enterprises and heavyweight computing power centers.

【During the same period】Huawei exhibition area staff

In the field of "East Data and West Computing", Huawei has been cooperating with Guizhou, we have built the main hub center in Guizhou, when building this "East Data West Computing", Huawei mainly has three problems: one is how to build a new type of data center to better implement the "East Data West Computing"; The second problem is how to quickly meet the business development of this intelligent society; The third aspect is how to build a network to realize the rapid scheduling of the computing network in the center of this hub. So in this exhibition, we focus on these three topics, and then combine how to build an ecology of "counting from east to west" to show.

【Commentary】In the subway station, through face recognition technology, passengers can enter the station conveniently; In front of the screen, move your fingertips, and the production process is accurately controlled; In the field, a tea leaf opens a "digital journey"... Nowadays, the application of digital technology not only effectively solves the pain points of many industries, empowers rural areas with digitalization, and also drives the high-quality development of agriculture and rural areas by benefiting farmers and helping farmers.

【During the same period】Ant Group staff Cao Lei

We simulate a tea farmer, and then solve some of the problems of tea farmers in our digital governance, then we may have three problems, the first aspect is his loan problem, loan problem We will go to the online bank such a "310" loan plan, that is, three minutes of review, one minute of lending, zero manual intervention, such a logic. That second part, is to solve the old farmer he met on the tea one is that I tea is very good, but I say that I am good, others do not know this problem, then we will use one of our blockchain technology, in which to do any traceability, and our technology called logistics of an IOT to ensure that his tea is good tea. The third part is where I sell the tea, and how to pay back, then we will use some of our ant chain technology, and then we also have some technology of transport, and then we have a platform, that is, the old farmers can sell my tea in the mountains to any corner of the world through digital means.

【Contemporaneous】Audience Ms. Peng

The whole digital expo made me feel that the current digital power is really strong, because I (university major) is studying rural governance, I am very honored to see that the current digital technology, more and more to give more rural governance some new energy, so I hope that after our poverty alleviation is over, our rural revitalization also hopes to have greater and more digital power to serve our rural revitalization.

Since 2015, the Expo has continuously innovated the mode of hosting and improved the quality and efficiency of the exhibition, and has become an international event and world-class platform to display China's big data development achievements and gather global big data resources.

Reporting by Yuan Chao and Pu Wensi in Guiyang, Guizhou

Responsible Editor: [Lu Yan]