Guiyang, May 5 (ZXS) -- The 26 China International Big Data Industry Expo opened in Guiyang on the 2023th and will last until the 26th.

With the annual theme of "Integration of Data and Reality, Calculation and Enlightenment of the Future", this year's Digital Expo carries out relevant activities around "one meeting, one exhibition, one release, one competition" and business and investment negotiations. At the same time, the Guiyang Industrial Expo will also be held, focusing on new industrialization, accelerating the digital transformation of the whole chain of key industries, and promoting the deep integration and development of the digital economy and the real economy.

The picture shows the scene of the 2023 China International Big Data Industry Expo. Photo by China News Agency reporter Qu Honglun

One meeting, including the opening ceremony, closing ceremony (press conference), digital expo night talk, high-end dialogue, professional forum;

In the first exhibition, an international comprehensive hall, an East Data and West Arithmetic Hall, a digital industry hall, an industrial digital hall, an innovation scene hall, and a digital life hall are set up offline to display new technologies, new products, new solutions, and new applications in the field of big data;

As soon as it is released, it will be the leading scientific and technological achievements award of the data expo, and this year's data expo will set up a review committee led by a number of academicians to collect and select and release 15 leading scientific and technological achievements in big data at home and abroad, and 10 excellent scientific and technological achievements in the field of big data in Guizhou;

A major competition, including four events, including the Industrial Internet Application Scenario Competition, Big Data and Network Security Elite Competition, Shuangshuang Guiyang E-sports Competition, and Data Scenario Application Innovation Competition.

Participating officials, experts, scholars and industry professionals will conduct high-end dialogues and forum activities around "Intelligent Big Model of Division of Labor", "East Data and West Calculation", "Digital Rural Development", "High-quality Development of Data Security Industry", "Industrial Internet", "Digital Economy Innovation and Prosperity", "Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Metaverse", "Asian Youth Big Data Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit Forum", etc. (End)