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Generally speaking, May and June are the peak seasons of the wedding market, which also drives the hot sales of gold jewelry. In the Shenzhen Shuibei Market, known as the "barometer" of the gold market, the gold price that has been running at a high level recently has made the market popular, and many gold daigou have gathered here, and the business is good.

1 gram of gold, 100 yuan cheaper?! Gold "daigou", fire!

According to CCTV Finance, Ms. Lian has been engaged in gold purchasing for many years, and when the reporter saw her, she was wandering between multiple gold jewelry counters to help customers get goods. Ms. Lian will publish gold product styles and specifications on social platforms every day, and customers will pay part of the deposit when they see what they like, and pay the balance after arrival.

Guangdong Shenzhen Shuibei Market Gold Shopping Lianfu: Everyone is more willing to communicate online, save transportation costs, the first time you can see the style, our peak sales volume has more than 100 pieces a day.

This year, the gold purchasing business in Shenzhen Shuibei Market has become increasingly prosperous, and Ms. Lian has changed from a part-time purchasing agent to a full-time purchasing agent. She told reporters that she would go to Shuibei every morning at 9 a.m. to photograph gold goods for eight hours.

Guangdong Shenzhen Shuibei Market Gold Shopping Lian Fu: Take this bracelet as an example, today we take the wholesale price of the goods here is 449 yuan a gram, compared with some first-line brands, the difference in price per gram is 100 yuan, we buy on behalf of the wholesale price, processing fees are also wholesale prices, so a pair will differ by several thousand yuan.

The reporter learned that with the increase in wedding demand this year, the purchase of wedding gold products has also increased a lot.

Guangdong Shenzhen Shuibei market gold purchasing Zhu Jiawei: The purchase volume increased by about 40% to 50% compared with last year, I mainly have more wedding styles, such as a set with bracelets, rings, stud earrings, etc., there are about one or two hundred sets per month, basically each set is hundreds of grams.

As a bulk trading venue mainly for wholesale and supplemented by retail, Shenzhen Shuibei Gold Market gathers hundreds of gold dealers and produces more than 70% of the country's jewelry and gold jewelry. The rise in demand for daigou has also made more and more people join the ranks of daigou.

There are purchasing agents with a monthly income of 3,5, and video anchors have earned more than 300 million in <> days

According to the Times Weekly, at four o'clock in the afternoon of May 5, the Jinzhan Jewelry Plaza in Shuibei was bustling and crowded. Huang Xing (pseudonym), who is engaged in gold and pearl purchasing, lingers between multiple gold jewelry counters, communicating with merchants from time to time, paying for goods, and completing them in one go.

"I come to Shuibei once a month, usually arrive at 10 a.m., and stay busy until 1 a.m. and walk again, and I can earn 3,4-<>,<> yuan once I come." Huang Xing stretched out his finger and pointed to the counters around him, "I just go around these counters, and I can go wherever the counters are open." I know which counters of Shuibei Gold have the best workmanship, the most complete style, and the best price. ”

When it comes to the gold business experience, Huang Xing, who has been in the industry for 8 years, is like several family treasures and talks eloquently. Huang Xing calculated an account: assuming that the gold price of Shuibei gold on the day was 451 yuan / gram, and the processing fee of 35 yuan was calculated, the price of a gold jewelry was about 486 yuan / gram; However, if you buy it in a gold brand store, according to the above gold price standard, including the processing fee, the discount will be 560 yuan / gram. "Buy it from me, a gold bracelet can save thousands of dollars."

The offline gold purchasing business is in full swing, and online gold trading is also continuing to make efforts.

On May 5, Xiao Xue (pseudonym), a seller of Shuibei gold counters, bluntly said that many gold live broadcast rooms would purchase goods at Shuibei counters. "I have a customer who does a live broadcast room, with less than 12,5 fans in the account, who took goods from us during the 'May Day' period and received more than 5 million yuan in 300 days.

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