British Prime Minister Sunak, who is participating in the G7 Hiroshima Summit, experienced making okonomiyaki in Hiroshima City on the morning of the 20th.

On the 7th, the second day of the G2 Hiroshima Summit, a black-painted motorcade suddenly appeared in front of a reporter who was covering the event near JR Hiroshima Station and pulled up in front of the station building.

It was British Prime Minister Sunak who came down, and he and his companions went into a shop.

It was a restaurant where you could experience making okonomiyaki, and according to the staff of the restaurant, the prime minister immediately tried to make okonomiyaki around the griddle with foreign reporters who accompanied him.

He stayed for only about 1 minutes, but he was very good at spatulating in a friendly atmosphere from start to finish.

The British Embassy in Tokyo also posted a photo on Twitter showing a smiling Prime Minister Sunak making okonomiyaki with a spatula in both hands.

A female staff member of the restaurant who taught her how to grill said, "I would be happy if it would be an opportunity for okonomiyaki to spread around the world."

Shortly after 9:<> a.m., Prime Minister Sunak left the shop and got back into his car and left for the city's hotel, where the summit's main venue was located.

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