Durian, the "king of fruits" that smells smelly, eats fragrantly, has a dense and unique taste, is welcomed by the domestic fruit market and consumers, but the "disadvantage" is that it is too "expensive"! However, in May, with the arrival of tropical fruit ripening, durian has gradually become available in large quantities, and the price is more affordable than at the beginning of the market. The "foodies" have a mouthful!

Big price cut! Take the whole durian within 100 yuan

In early April, durian, which was still worth 20 yuan per kilogram, ushered in a price "slash" after the end of the "May Day" small long holiday. Many netizens said that in fruit stores and supermarkets, the price of many durians has fallen to about <> yuan / jin, and it only takes about <> yuan to have a chance to win the whole durian.

From May to August, it is the ripening and sales season of durian, a large number of durians are on the market, the trend of "high quality and low price" is expected to continue, and the price may continue to "go all the way down".

Catch the "express train"!

Thailand's durian exports are expected to reach a new high

Why is durian so cheap this year? Taking Thailand as an example, Thailand has more than 200 durian varieties, which is the country that exports the most fresh durian in the world, and it is also the country that allows the most imported fruit varieties in China. At present, it is the peak season for picking and selling durians in Thailand, and most of the Thai durians are sold to China.

This year, Thai durian exporters said that since taking the "express train" of the China-Laos Railway, the time for durian transportation to China has been greatly shortened. It used to take about 7 days by sea and 5 days by road, but since the China-Laos Railway, durian can be transported from Thailand to Kunming, China in just 3 days. Thai media reported that the "durian train" from Thailand's Map Ta Phut station to Guangzhou, China, has broken the record for the fastest time it takes to transport fruit from Thailand to China, and the probability of loss during transportation has also been significantly reduced.

According to Thailand's Ministry of Commerce, China accounted for more than 2022% of Thailand's total durian exports in 96. It is expected that with the help of the China-Laos Railway, the export value of Thai durian is expected to reach a new high this year.


The import of the "fruit train" of the China-Laos Railway exceeded 10,000 tons

Not only durian, snow-white and sweet mangosteen, juicy longan, sweet mangoose... With the arrival of the new season of Southeast Asian fruit ripening, tropical fruits from Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries are also entering the peak season. Since April this year, durian, jackfruit, mangosteen, longan, grapefruit and other tropical fruits have begun to be marketed in large quantities, and every day a special train of fruits enters the country through the China-Laos Railway and is sent to Kunming, Chengdu, Guangzhou and other major cities. When May Day arrived this year, the imported tropical fruits transported by China-Laos Railway had reached 4,1 tons, which greatly enriched the domestic "fruit basket", and a "fruity" summer was expected.

In December 2022, the China-Laos Railway opened for one year of operation, and with the commissioning of the designated supervision site for imported fruits at the Yunnan Mohan Railway Port, the China-Laos Railway officially has the capacity of full railway transportation of inbound fruits. Thailand's fresh durian has realized the full railway transportation of cold chain special trains, and more and more Southeast Asian tropical fruits arrive in Kunming by the "Lancang-Mekong Express" China-Laos Railway international freight train. It is understood that this year's inbound tropical fruit transportation season will last until the end of June, and it is expected that the transportation volume of Southeast Asian specialty fruits such as durian, mangosteen, longan, and grapefruit is expected to achieve a year-on-year increase of more than 12%.

"Fast forward and fast out"

Refrigerated truck group helps tropical fruits "fresh on the table"

Tropical fruits are delicious, but delicate and perishable. In view of the characteristics of short shelf life and high requirements for transportation time of imported tropical fruits, the Kunming Bureau of China Railway and Yunnan Mohan Railway Port jointly implement 24-hour pick-up, direct loading and unloading, so that the fruit train arrives "unloaded within 90 minutes, and returned to the empty box 90 minutes after unloading", so as to improve the operational efficiency of the fruit train.

As one of the most convenient land railway corridors in China to ASEAN countries, the import demand for ASEAN fruits such as Guangxi Pingxiang Port and Dongxing Port has increased year after year, especially tropical fruits such as durian, mangosteen and jackfruit, which are welcomed by the domestic market.

In order to improve the transportation efficiency of imported fruits, the Nanning Bureau of China Railway also launched the "8+1" unattended refrigerated truck set: compared with the traditional cold chain transportation of traditional cross-border fresh goods, which is generally connected to electric refrigeration every 4 hours, the "8+1" train consists of 8 refrigerated containers and 1 power generation box, which can continuously supply and cool 8 containers for 300 hours, no longer subject to the limitation of 4 hours of refrigeration. While ensuring the quality of fruits, it further compresses customs clearance time and helps tropical fruits "fresh on the table".

Tropical fruits are delicious but contraindicated

There are tricks to picking and eating

Opening durian is like opening a blind box? How to pick "reward" durian? How to choose mangosteen with thick meat? A few tips to help you easily eat good fruit~

Durian: Look, smell, listen, pinch Four tricks to choose "repay durian"

Look: Yellow color indicates maturity, if it is dark yellow or brown, it is a little overcooked. The more spikes on the outside, the denser the more flesh. The flesh is best if it is slightly open but not too obvious, and the flesh that is too wide is too ripe.

Smell: close to the crack of durian, smell raw, indicating that it is not ripe yet; If it smells of wine, it means that the durian is overripe; And if you smell the sweetness of durian, you can buy it with confidence.

Listen: There is a gap between the shell and pulp of the cooked durian, pick it up and shake it gently, you can hear a subtle sound, which means that the durian is ripe.

Pinch : Pinch the two adjacent thorns on the durian shell, slightly force inward, if you can easily pinch it, it means that its maturity is high; If the thorn is sharp and long and not easy to pinch, it means that the flesh of durian is less thick and not ripe. Pinch the stem of durian with your fingernails, if you leave a nail print, the durian is fresher, if the handle is relatively dry, it means that the durian has been stored for a long time and is not too fresh.


If the color of the leaf petals turns brown or black, it means that mangosteen has been placed for a long time and is not fresh.

Pinch the husk: fresh mangosteen husk is elastic, and the depression can be restored immediately with a light touch of the finger; If the husk is too hard to press, it means that it is not fresh.

Number of petals: The number of pieces of the peduncle at the bottom of the mangosteen is the same as the number of its pulp pieces, the more petals, the more the number of pulp pieces, and the smaller the pit.


Smell: A good mango will give off a rich fragrance, the stronger the fragrance, the better the taste; The smell of stale mango has been very light, and the fragrance is not prominent.

Look at the peel: there will be some dark spots on the appearance of mangoes, if the dark spots are few and small, it is normal; If there are many dark spots and there is spread, the flesh inside may deteriorate and should be purchased carefully.

Chaguo Ti: Gently press the mango stem with your hand, if it feels harder and elastic, it is a mango with better ripeness; If it is too hard or too soft, it indicates that it is undercooked or overripe.

However, the doctor reminds that although colorful tropical fruits are sweet and delicious, they are mostly high in sugar and heat, do not eat too much at one time, and key groups should eat with caution:

Durian, jackfruit, mangosteen and other high sugar content, so obese people and people with high blood sugar should eat less, and diabetics should avoid eating. Mangosteen also contains high potassium, so people with kidney disease and heart disease should eat less.

Mango, pineapple, etc. contain more irritating substances such as fruit acids, amino acids, and various proteins, and people who are allergic or prone to allergies are prone to allergic phenomena after eating, including redness and swelling of facial skin, inflammation, and even redness and swelling of the eyes, pain. Therefore, people with allergies should eat with caution and eat less. In the event of a more severe allergic reaction, seek medical attention as soon as possible. (CCTV News Client)