Who is cheaper to buy tickets on airline websites or online travel platforms? Which is more cost-effective to buy two one-way tickets or round-trip tickets? This newspaper combs out the support -

How to get cheap flights for international travel

For most international travel, airfare is the most expensive part of the budget, even half of the total budget. While the overall fare for intercontinental flights has decreased, it would significantly reduce travel costs if cheaper tickets could be bought. Whether you're a budget-conscious backpacker or a family on vacation, you'll undoubtedly be concerned about how to book a better flight before you travel.

Which airline is cheaper than online travel platforms? Which is cheaper to buy two one-way tickets than a round-trip ticket? Which is more cost-effective for a full-service airline versus a low-cost carrier? Beijing Youth Daily reporter combed to help you answer.

Price comparison 1: Airline official website VS online platform

Foreign airlines may have cheaper tickets on their official websites

In July, Ms. Sun will take her children to Europe for a summer camp, where she will check airfares on domestic airline apps, foreign airlines' official websites and online travel platforms (OTAs). She found that there were still some differences between airlines booking flights on their websites or platforms. However, some OTA platforms include packages such as airport drop-off and insurance, which may be cheaper than purchasing each item separately.

Will there be cheaper tickets on the official website of foreign airlines? In this regard, some insiders told the Beiqing News reporter that the official website of foreign airlines may indeed have cheaper tickets, and there are a variety of tickets according to the rights of refund and change, including free baggage weight. Some tickets that do not include free checked baggage will really be hundreds of dollars cheaper. If you are traveling as a family of three, do not carry much luggage, and do not need everyone to have checked baggage, you can choose different types of tickets, which can be cheaper.

For example, if you search for tickets from July 7 to July 13 on the Air France website, the outbound Beijing-Paris flight AF7 is divided into Light (light), Standard (Standard), Standard Plus (Standard+), and Flex (flexible), with fares of 27 yuan, 0125 yuan, 4899 yuan and 5229 yuan respectively. According to the official website, the return flight is FA5486, and if you book a round-trip Light (light) ticket, the price is 5754 yuan; If a round-trip Standard ticket, the total price is 0128 yuan; If one standard ticket + 10838 light tickets, the total price is 11418 yuan; If there are 2 standard tickets, the total price is 33094 yuan.

"In comparison, a round-trip ticket with checked baggage is 1123,23 yuan cheaper on the Air France website than on the OTA platform." Ms. Sun said, "There are only simple clothes, toiletries, etc. to travel, there are not many luggage, a family of three 2 kg of checked luggage is enough, choose a ticket with checked baggage + 1160 tickets without checked baggage combination, you can save <> yuan, will consider the official website to book this combination ticket." ”

Comparison 2: One-way ticket VS round-trip ticket

Outbound travel without taking the return journey can save money

According to Mr. Wang, who works in the air ticket agency industry, people's experience believes that round-trip tickets will be cheaper than buying two one-way tickets. However, recent developments have shown that due to different airline pricing strategies, it has also become cheaper to buy two one-way tickets during the summer holidays. It is recommended that consumers "have time to swipe more tickets", compare prices more, and strive to buy the best deal.

In addition, if the outbound tour can choose different entry and departure points, it can also save money without taking the return journey. For example, for an Australian tour, you can choose Sydney inbound and Melbourne outbound without having to book a round trip to Sydney and take the wrong road; Traveling to Europe can also plan different places of entry and exit, and choose more flexible travel routes according to the price of air tickets.

Comparison 3: Full Service Airlines VS LCCs

LCCs need to be mentally prepared for untimely response to complaints

Some low-cost airlines (LCCs) offer half as much as full-service airlines. However, it is undeniable that low-cost airline tickets do not include meals and checked baggage. Industry insiders said that full-service airlines have a more reasonable amount of compensation for unexpected situations such as delays and baggage loss, and the compensation speed is relatively fast; The customer service phone will have manual service and actively solve customer complaints and problems. In order to reduce costs, low-cost airlines do invest less in some links, and customer service calls have been criticized for a long time when they are not answered. Consumers can choose airlines to buy tickets according to their own situation, and they should be prepared to buy low-cost airline tickets, and airlines will not respond quickly to complaints.

Price comparison 4: direct flight VS transfer

With plenty of time, transit tickets are more cost-effective

From the actual situation, because there are relatively few direct intercontinental routes, the price is generally higher than 10,000 yuan. For consumers who have a lot of time, it is actually more cost-effective to choose a good transit ticket. At present, the price of international and regional flights is still at a high level, and the overall average price is on the high side. Among them, many dates in Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asian countries still have low-priced tickets to buy. North America is affected by supply and demand, and connecting flights are the choice of many passengers. As airlines will give special low-cost support for connecting flights after capacity continues to recover, transfer travel options will still account for a certain proportion under price stimulation.


Can I pick up leaks by browsing the airline website overnight?

In mid-April, there was an "oolong incident on all Nippon Airways". Departing from Jakarta, passing through Japan to New York, the return ticket is available to Singapore, Bali and other Southeast Asian destinations, paying only a few hundred dollars to pick up a full business class ticket worth 4,<> US dollars...

On April 4, ANA announced that due to a currency conversion error, the company sold a number of business class tickets on its website in Vietnam at prices far below normal levels, and in order to avoid a financial impact on the company, "it will cancel and refund in full." ”

Although the recent ANA "oolong incident" has made people who have swiped tickets happy, there have indeed been many aviation enthusiasts in history who have bought missed tickets at ultra-low prices. For example, Cathay Pacific accidentally sold first-class and business-class tickets from Vietnam to the United States at discounts as low as $2019 in 675, compared to up to $1,6 at regular prices.

Eventually, Cathay Pacific admitted that consumers had missed First Class and Business Class tickets. It seems that there is time to brush through the websites of various airlines and there is indeed a chance to pick up leaks.


Flights to Europe will be added routes Will fares come down?

From 4 April, British Airways officially resumed round-trip passenger services from London Heathrow to Shanghai Pudong Airport. The London to Beijing route will resume operations on June 24, with four round-trip flights per week.

According to French media reports, Chinese tourists generated more than 2019 billion euros in revenue for the French economy in 30, while Paris, as a preferred destination, received 10 billion euros. In 2019, there were at least 90 weekly flights between China and France, Paris is the European city with the best connection to Chinese mainland, and France is the main gateway for Chinese tourists to enter Europe. Air France is currently planning to increase the frequency of flights to China. In May, flights to Beijing will increase from the current one per week to three. In July, if approved, Air France will have one daily flight to Beijing and Shanghai.

A number of industry insiders predict that with the continuous recovery and encryption of European routes, the price of European air tickets this summer vacation is worth looking forward to. Consumers in need can pay further attention to relevant websites and platforms. (Beijing Youth Daily This group text/Reporter Lin Lishuang)