The nine-valent HPV vaccine that is "not about enough" and "fighting fast" has spawned a rampant cattle market. On social media, the words "appointment" and "seedling" can be seen everywhere, and some young people who are eager to ask for nine prices easily believe it, thinking that they have successfully landed through "appointment", who knows that they have already been involved in the scam of scalpers.

In the past month, a reporter from Beijing Business Daily has visited several hospitals, including private medical institutions, ordinary community hospitals and some public hospitals, and the staff said that HPV vaccines can be booked, but there are currently no vaccines, and they need to wait for the CDC to deploy. After the appointment, the specific injection time is subject to the hospital's notice. In Beijing United Family Hospital and Beijing Mingde Hospital, the reporter learned that private hospitals said that the vaccine stock is sufficient and can be "delivered as scheduled", and the price of three doses of nine-valent HPV vaccine is between 5100-5700 yuan.

The nine-valent HPV vaccine has formed a complete chain of interests, and although some people have grabbed the nine-valent HPV vaccine through the scalper channel, there are also many risks hidden behind the market.

Seek Miao Xin to cut into a scam

Delayed in making an appointment for the nine-valent HPV vaccine, Hubei female college student Xiaoqin (pseudonym) and classmates were a little anxious. Before the expansion of the nine-valent HPV vaccine, the nine-valent HPV vaccine was approved for women aged 16-26 years. Faced with the critical point of 26 years old, Xiaoqin posted on Weibo "HPV Nine-Price" in October 2022 to express the difficulty of HPV nine-price appointment, and then a scalper took the initiative to contact.

In order to win Xiaoqin's trust, the scalper showed her her personal ID, social media information, and hospital credentials, and finally gained Xiaoqin's trust. Xiaoqin and her classmates transferred 700 yuan to the scalper respectively, and received the payment and appointment success certificate of Wuhan Seventh Hospital sent by the scalper.

Later, the scalper told Xiaoqin that he needed to pay the first injection of 1318 yuan first. After Xiaoqin and her classmates paid, the scalper issued a vaccine receipt to the two. It wasn't until they couldn't fight that Xiaoqin and his classmates learned that they had been deceived. On Weibo, there are many people like Xiaoqin who have been deceived. In terms of fees, some girls were tricked into paying one injection, and some girls paid for three injections together, and the price of a single injection was about 1300 yuan.

After being deceived, Xiaoqin and her classmates filed a lawsuit with the court and the public security organs, and the relevant departments said that there were already six identical cases of the same scalper.

A reporter from Beijing Business Daily joined a group chat of seven girls who were deceived related to Xiaoqin, and the reporter found that the seven girls had similar experiences of being deceived. The scalper first collects about 700-1000 yuan and provides the registration information of public hospitals in the relevant cities. The appointment hospitals include Jinan Licheng District Maternal and Child Health Care Family Planning Service Center, Wuhan Seventh Hospital and other public hospitals and community hospitals.

A reporter from Beijing Business Daily consulted Wuhan Seventh Hospital by phone as a consumer who booked the vaccine, and the hospital said that vaccination only needs to be made by phone, and there is no appointment service.

Regarding the phenomenon of being deceived about vaccines on social platforms, a legal practitioner of Shenyang Huanggu District Court told a reporter from Beijing Business Daily that the victim and the suspect contacted through the Weibo platform, and after the suspect deceived the victim's trust, the suspect could not provide the promised HPV vaccine-related matters after the two parties made a transfer in WeChat, nor did he provide a refund. The suspect is suspected of fraud in terms of behavior.

The practitioners also expressed their concerns about the tripartite platforms of Weibo, WeChat and hospitals. Among them, the microblog platform has carried out relevant control measures, but it still cannot stop the needs of victims, on the one hand, the microblog platform can add a reminder function. On the other hand, victims should raise their awareness of anti-deception. WeChat and the hospital do not assume any responsibility, the two parties use the basic functions provided by WeChat through WeChat, and there are reminders when transferring, and the hospital is not involved in it, obviously not responsible.

The net profit of scalpers is 2,<> yuan/month

Many scalpers mixed in Weibo "HPV" related super talk, Beijing Business Daily reporters tried to contact these accounts one by one, the other party said that they can provide similar "contract" and "purchasing" services, but need to pay a certain fee first.

A reporter from Beijing Business Daily randomly contacted three scalpers on Weibo on the grounds of vaccination, and one of them used a small number to chat privately with the reporter and said that his large number was blocked. Reporters have successively asked about the cost of vaccination in Beijing and other cities. The price of the three scalpers is the same, about 1000,700 yuan for public hospitals in first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai and Shenzhen, and <> yuan for other cities.

The scalper said it had inquired about relevant hospitals that could receive HPV vaccines, and the health department of Huaxin Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital of Tsinghua University in Beijing's Chaoyang District, and Zuojiazhuang Community Hospital showed seedlings. On Friday, March 3, the scalper told reporters that "Zuojiazhuang Community Hospital in Chaoyang District, Beijing, has seedlings at four prices and nine prices, goes ashore on Sunday, and gets injections on Monday afternoon, regardless of household registration."

However, the reporter immediately visited the above two hospitals, and the hospitals said that the HPV vaccine is currently available for appointment, but there is currently no vaccine, and it is necessary to wait for the CDC to deploy. After the appointment, the specific injection time is subject to the hospital's notice. And the doctor of Zuojiazhuang Community Hospital told reporters that it is uncertain when the vaccine will be available, and there is only one online mini program appointment channel at 8 pm every Sunday, and other channels are fake.

After that, the reporter visited Hepingli Community Health Service Center, Andingmen Community Health Service Health Care Department, Chaowai Community Health Service Center, Beijing Haidian District Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital and other hospitals, and the staff told the reporter that the bivalent vaccine has domestic stock, the nine-valent vaccine needs to make an appointment, the appointment form has a mini program, the hospital's official public number, etc., the specific injection time is uncertain.

A shot of the hard-to-find nine-valent HPV vaccine was given to the scalper market. Beijing Business Daily reporter contacted a scalper with agency demand, the scalper pushed its online to the reporter, the online introduction said that the agency fee to become a scalper ranges from 388 yuan, 888 yuan and 1888 yuan, about a single order, you can respectively commission 200-300 yuan, 500-600 yuan and 1000 yuan, can be done all over the country, appointment hospital for the official seedling release channel, the higher the agency fee, the more commission. After paying the agency fee, someone will teach how to attract people and train them in specific skills.

"The net profit is 2,<> yuan per month." The online revealed to reporters the rewards of being a scalper.

Whether the above-mentioned scalpers can successfully meet the seedlings still needs to put a question mark. However, there is no shortage of consumers in the market who have been offered vaccines through scalpers. A consumer said that it was really not about nine prices, so he contacted the scalper, and soon after the first injection was given at the community hospital, and the staff of the community hospital also knew of the existence of the scalper, and told the consumer, "It is all a scalper signed." The cost of one injection of the nine-valent HPV vaccine is normally 1300,6000 yuan, and the above consumers spent a total of more than <>,<> yuan after three injections.

Not only the scalper market, but also the difficulty of finding a needle also brings business opportunities to medical institutions. As early as June 2022, Weibo health and medical big V "Mr. Six Floors" posted that "I just learned that HPV vaccine is also distributed now, that is, if you want to pay nine prices, you must also buy other types of vaccines, such as hepatitis E vaccine." In February this year, the "nine-valent HPV vaccine is now bundled" once again attracted attention. According to reports, private hospitals vaccinated with nine-valent HPV vaccine, there is a chaos of bundled sales of "physical examination packages", and the general premium is about 6,2 yuan.

Why nine prices are difficult to make an appointment

How difficult is nine-valent HPV to date? A reporter from Beijing Business Daily entered the Zuojiazhuang Community Hospital mini program at 3 p.m. on March 12 to make an appointment for HPV vaccine, but as soon as the number was released, it was already empty.

In order to understand whether there is a shortage of nine-valent HPV vaccines on the market, the reporter of Beijing Business Daily consulted with private hospitals that provide HPV vaccination such as Beijing United Family Hospital and Beijing Mingde Hospital in early March on the grounds of vaccination, and the reporter learned that the vaccine inventory of private hospitals is sufficient and can be "delivered as promised", and the price of three doses of nine-valent HPV vaccine is between 3-5100 yuan. United Family Hospital staff told reporters that the hospital's vaccine was obtained through formal channels and obtained from the CDC, and the procedures and authenticity of the vaccine were reliable.

Taking United Family Hospital as an example, the nine-valent HPV vaccine is a total of 5104,1298 yuan for the MSD (imported from the United States) brand of Jiadaxiu, including the three-shot fee of 1135 yuan per injection and the doctor's outpatient consultation fee of 25 yuan and <> yuan for one-time vaccination service fee. At the same time, the hospital also provides relevant HPV examinations.

At the same time, the reporter of Beijing Business Daily visited private hospitals such as Beijing Jiahe Women's and Children's Hospital, Raffles Hospital, Wuzhou Women's and Children's Hospital, etc., and the hospital said that nine-valent HPV is currently in stock, and before injection, the packaging box will be taken to the customer to scan the code to confirm whether it is genuine.

One company is the reason for the shortage of the market. The Beijing Business Daily reporter called the Beijing Municipal Health Service Hotline, and the staff told the reporter that the nine-valent HPV vaccine needs to be imported to Merck, and the quantity is small and the demand is large.

Dr. Li of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia University said in an interview with a reporter from Beijing Business Daily that the nine-valent vaccine is currently not domestically produced, and it is all imported, and the difficulty of booking the nine-valent vaccine has increased due to cumbersome procedures and global supply and demand. It is understood that imported HPV vaccines need to undergo quality inspection by Chinese customs to ensure that the products meet China's drug quality and safety standards. These inspections include pre-customs clearance inspections, customs sampling inspections and NMPA approvals.

"There are fewer formal institutions that can be vaccinated, and many public hospitals cannot apply for vaccination qualifications, and many of this qualifications are in vaccine prevention stations and communities." Dr. Li added that hospitals' qualifications to apply for HPV vaccination need to comply with the Vaccine Administration Law of the People's Republic of China, the Regulations on the Administration of Vaccine Circulation and Vaccination, the Vaccination Work Specifications and the Administrative Measures of Local Vaccination Units.

Zhao Heng, founder of medical strategy consulting firm Latitude Health, believes that the reason for the insufficient supply of HPV is that on the one hand, the demand is growing rapidly, on the other hand, the production cycle is long and the import process is long, resulting in the misalignment of supply and demand. Zhao Heng said that whether the imbalance between supply and demand can be alleviated depends on whether subsequent domestic vaccines can keep up and whether the production capacity of imported vaccines can be further improved.

At present, domestic HPV vaccine companies mainly include Zhifei Biotechnology, Wantai Biotechnology, Watson Biotechnology, Connaught Guard and Rico Biotechnology. Among them, Zhifei Biotech acts as an agent of Merck's quadrivalent and nine-valent HPV vaccine products, and Wantai Biotech is the first domestic enterprise to independently develop and sell bivalent HPV vaccines.

Watson Biotech just approved the marketing of its self-developed bivalent HPV vaccine in March this year, becoming the second domestic company that can produce and sell bivalent HPV vaccine. However, there is still no domestic nine-valent HPV vaccine on the market.

In view of the supply situation and market structure of HPV vaccine market, the reporter of Beijing Business Daily interviewed Zhifei Biotechnology, Wantai Biotechnology, Watson Biotechnology, etc. However, no response had been received as of press time.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Yao Qian Li Xiang