In Kamiyama Town, Tokushima Prefecture, the entrance ceremony for Kamiyama Marugoto National College of Technology, a private technical college that aims to nurture entrepreneurs, was held, and the first batch of students started their student life.

"Kamiyama Marugoto National College of Technology" is a brand new school building established by the president of an IT company and built in Kamiyama Town, Tokushima Prefecture, and the entrance ceremony for 2 first-term students was held on the 1nd.

At the ceremony, Mr. Chikahiro Terada, president of an IT company in Tokyo, who serves as the president of the technical college, gave a greeting and encouraged him, saying, "As long as you keep trying, there will be no failure, and there is only learning."

In response, one by one, each new student shared their dreams and goals for their future student life, such as "I want to create energy that can completely coexist with nature" and "I want to change the future of bedridden people."

The Kamiyama Marugoto College of Technology, which is attracting the attention of the business community, manages a fund of 100 billion yen contributed by Sony Group, SoftBank, and other organizations to make tuition free for all students, and invites current managers who are active on the front lines of business as lecturers, with the goal of having 4% of graduates start businesses.

Rika Takeda, a new student from Tokushima Prefecture, said, "It's exciting because it expands my possibilities, and I want to use what I learned in the five years to develop products."

In addition, Mr. Takeshi Eda from Hokkaido said, "I would like to get advice from an entrepreneur instructor and start a company that will be useful to people in the future."