The fuel bonus of 20 cents per liter of diesel or gasoline that the Government extended only for the transport sector will be only 1 cents per liter this Saturday, April 10.

This was ruled by the Executive in the last Council of Ministers last year, after the favorable evolution of fuel prices, a discount of 10 cents that will end next June, in the same way that it already disappeared for private customers on December 31.

The fleets moved by gas, which until now have had a compensation of 27 cents, will have a discount of 14 cents of euros during the second quarter of the year, given the special circumstances faced by the price of gas.

All this aid is paid at the end of each month to hauliers using professional diesel fuel. The cost of the discounts during the first six months of the year will amount to €598 million for the road transport sector.

The price of fuels has been falling in recent months and diesel is already around 1.54 euros and gasoline around 1.62 euros, compared to the maximums of 2.1 euros and 2.15 euros, respectively, which came to touch last year.

The Spanish Confederation of Freight Transport (CETM) asked the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda to monitor the evolution of fuel prices in case it was necessary to maintain the bonus of 20 cents beyond the month of March, according to the agency Europa Press.

However, prices have continued to fall since December, especially those of diesel, so the Government is not expected to vary the scheduled discount of 10 cents per liter.

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