Shenyang, April 4 (ZXS) -- Good wind relies on the "Belt and Road" initiative to help Chinese private enterprises expand overseas

China News Agency reporters Diao Haiyang, Zhao Guihua, and Yu Ruizhai

In 2013, China proposed the Belt and Road Initiative. Over the past decade, the initiative has gradually taken root and borne fruitful results, continuously benefiting enterprises and people in China and countries along the Belt and Road.

Hefeng Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hefeng Co., Ltd.), located in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, is a Chinese private enterprise that continues to expand overseas markets by riding the wind of the "Belt and Road" initiative. Since 2013, the company has invested and built more than 20 factories in Nepal, the Philippines, Indonesia, Russia and other countries along the "Belt and Road". The "Belt and Road" initiative has brought new opportunities for the high-quality development of the enterprise.

Making overseas investment "convenient"

Founded in Shenyang in 1995, Hefeng Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise with feed and feed raw material trade as the core, while deeply engaged in the industrialization of meat, poultry and pigs and deep processing of food. After the "Belt and Road" initiative was proposed, the company accelerated the pace of "going out" in line with the times, and invested and set up factories in the Philippines and Indonesia in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Jin Weidong, chairman of the company, said in an interview with China News Agency a few days ago that the "Belt and Road" initiative has brought many tangible dividends and convenience to the development of enterprises. For example, in terms of registration, investment, taxation, talent exchanges, etc., enterprises save procedures and costs. "The Belt and Road Initiative has given us more attention locally," he said. ”

In addition, the Belt and Road Initiative has also become a bridge between Chinese private enterprises and overseas partners. According to Jin Weidong, Chinese embassies and consulates abroad have given a lot of support and assistance in the contact, negotiation and site selection of the enterprise. "Our excellent diplomats took care of it for us and allowed us to hit it off with our local partners," he said. The Belt and Road Initiative is an inspiration to both of us. ”

Bringing benefits to local people

Overseas development not only benefits enterprises, but also brings many business opportunities to investment destination countries, improving local employment and people's livelihood.

According to statistics, the enterprise has created more than 700 jobs in countries along the "Belt and Road", directly or indirectly promoted the income of more than <>,<> farmers, and improved the technical capabilities and service levels of local related industries.

In terms of improving local people's livelihood, the company contributes to stabilizing prices and securing supply. In 2022, the Philippines experienced a shortage of pork supply, which led to a sharp increase in prices, and the company decisively slaughtered 7,7 pigs, effectively ensuring the local pork supply.

Guo Congxin, the company's joint venture partner in Indonesia, said in a video that Hefeng has brought excellent corporate culture and scientific management model to the local area. In the five years of the joint venture, his company grew from 5,2000 tons per month to 1,1 tons. The two sides will work more closely together in the future to seek greater development.

Let deep cultivation and expansion "have confidence"

Looking back on the course of overseas cultivation in the past ten years, Jin Weidong sighed, "Behind the enterprise is the country, we are recognized, which is equivalent to China's products and technologies are recognized, and China's competitiveness is recognized." ”

He said that there are many opportunities for countries along the "Belt and Road", and as a Chinese private enterprise "going out", it must not only have advanced industrial technology, but also have sufficient language talent reserves, and fully respect local values and customs. Only in this way can we steadily expand overseas markets and truly achieve localization.

The data shows that the company's business in Indonesia and the Philippines has an average annual growth rate of more than 30%. The scale of the enterprise continues to expand and the competitiveness continues to improve. In Jin Weidong's view, under the background of the healthy and stable operation of various projects, further expansion of cooperation is an inevitable choice.

When asked what the significance of the "Belt and Road" initiative is for the overseas expansion of Hefeng shares, Jin Weidong said with a smile, "Good wind relies on power!" (End)