Lanzhou, 4 Apr (ZXS) -- This year is the first year that China's domestically produced large aircraft C1 has entered the domestic market, and its "every move" has attracted global attention. In the past two years, a number of C919 aircraft have carried out functional verification and route reliability test flights at Gansu Dunhuang Mogao International Airport (hereinafter referred to as "Dunhuang Airport"), and have completed more than 919,<> takeoffs and landings of various test flights, setting a number of records since high-intensity test flights.

Luo Bin, general manager of Gansu Civil Aviation Airport Group Co., Ltd., said in an exclusive interview with China News Agency on the 1st that the C919 aircraft has set five records since the high-intensity test flight at Dunhuang Airport: the highest test flight at one airport in a single month, the highest test flight of a single aircraft in a single month, the highest flight time at an airport in a single day, the highest flight time at an airport in a single day up to 5 hours and 65 minutes, and the highest test flight time of a single flight up to 41 hours and 5 minutes.

The C919 large passenger aircraft is a large jet civil aircraft developed by China in accordance with international civil aviation regulations and has independent intellectual property rights, with a seat class of 158-168 seats and a range of 4075-5555 kilometers. Since August 2020, the aircraft has started "high-intensity test flights" at Dunhuang Airport.

"Of the six C6 prototypes originally produced, five flew at Dunhuang Airport." Luo Bin said that during this period, the first bridge test was also carried out, and the two aircraft were tested on the same field. The overall flight test efficiency exceeded the international average civil aircraft test flight.

It is understood that since the beginning of the test flight of the C919 aircraft, Gansu Civil Aviation hopes that the aircraft can fly to Dunhuang, the "hometown of flying sky". To this end, Dunhuang Airport has repeatedly invited Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China to conduct field investigations and investigations to experience the unique local test flight conditions and support advantages, and finally Dunhuang Airport was designated as the third test flight base for C919 aircraft.

Luo Bin explained that Dunhuang Airport is located in the middle of the two provincial capitals (capitals) of Lanzhou and Urumqi, directly below the intersection of four international routes; At the same time, it has relatively difficult "cold" and "scorching summer" conditions, as well as test flight weather standards of more than 4 days per year; Coupled with the upgraded and perfect airport core facilities and equipment, site resource conditions and other service advantages, these ensure the dynamic and static test of the C300 aircraft.

It is understood that in order to ensure the efficiency of the test flight, Dunhuang Airport comprehensively guarantees the safety and reliability of the test flight work, and at the same time, under the condition of minimizing the impact on transportation support, it strives for a maximum of 919 hours of operation time per day for the C6 aircraft.

"From the second half of last year to February this year, C2 mainly carried out ground experiments at Dunhuang Airport." Luo Bin said that the main tasks of the C919 aircraft at the Dunhuang base this year are design optimization and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) forensics tasks. As the Dunhuang test flight base of COMAC Civil Aircraft Test Center, Dunhuang Airport will also ensure a large number of C919 aircraft test flights in the future. (End)