Promoting the in-depth integration and development of culture and tourism with culture and plastic tourism and highlighting culture has become an important means for mutual empowerment of the cultural and tourism industry in the new era. At present, various places are constantly promoting the "tourism +" deep integration model, creating new business formats, presenting new highlights, and exploring the road of high-quality tourism development.

Sanya, Hainan: Create a new format More new gameplay and new experiences

As a coastal tourist city, Sanya has always been a popular place for everyone to feel the tropical style. The local area is also constantly creating new formats and allowing tourists to have more new ways to play. Visitors can not only experience a variety of marine projects, but also visit marine ranches, dive to the bottom of the sea, and experience planting baby corals.

Chongqing tourist Wang Yanyue: There would be many small fish swimming around me under the water, and at that time I felt like a fish shuttling through the coral reef.

Feng Chao, Vice President of Sanya Wuzhizhou Island Tourism Area: The purpose is to hope that tourists can understand the importance of marine ranching construction and a long-term development plan for national ecological environmental protection on land.

At Sanya Haichang Dream Ocean Never Sleeps City, visitors can not only interact with marine life, but also taste Hainan's local specialties. With the gradual opening of the visa-free policy, major hotels in Sanya have welcomed a large number of tourists, and the booking rate has been at a high level.

Shen Wei, General Manager of Haitang Bay Mangrove Resort Hotel: Guided by the needs of tourists, the hotel enriches tourism products, expands service connotation, creates professional and precise service content, and meets the needs of our tourists for personalized and diversified products.

Sichuan Renshou: Flower appreciation economy with fire rural tour

As the whole country has entered the flowering period, the flower appreciation craze is rising in various places, and the flower economy has brought vitality to tourism consumption. In Fangjia Town, Renshou County, Meishan City, Sichuan Province, 2000,<> mu of cherry blossoms have bloomed one after another, bringing fire to the local countryside.

Tourist Cheng Ruili: Coming to the scene felt full of pink cherry blossoms, the whole scene was very beautiful, and then it was very pleasant to enjoy the flowers and take photos here.

At the same time, the local area has also launched a variety of consumption formats and consumption scenarios such as picnics, camping, and research, which not only extends the flower industry chain, but also injects vitality into rural revitalization.

Fujian's first tourist train arrived in Taining this year

In Taining, Fujian, in order to promote the revitalization of local villages, on the morning of the 31st, a tourist train of 400 tourists arrived in Taining to start a two-day tour of Danshan and clear water, which is the first tourist train in Fujian this year, further expanding the market radius of Taining tourism.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism: Inbound group tourism business will resume from now on

In order to further serve economic and social development and promote tourism exchanges and cooperation, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued a notice on March 3 to resume travel agencies and online travel enterprises nationwide from now on, operating inbound group tours and "air ticket + hotel" business for foreigners. Travel agencies are required to strictly implement various systems and norms for group tourism management, improve the quality of inbound tourism services, effectively maintain the order of the tourism market, and display the good image of China's tourism. (CCTV News Client)