Iranian Revolutionary Guards killed in Israeli raids in Syria

F-15I aircraft with the Israeli Air Force on November 8, 2017 (Illustration image). © Ariel Schalit / AP

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The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that five Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps officers were killed in Israeli raids near Damascus. The official Guards news agency, Sepah news, reported one death.


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With our regional correspondent, Paul Khalifeh

Between the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and Iran's Revolutionary Guard agency, Sepah news, the narratives differ on two points: the balance sheet and the date.

Israeli warplanes this week carried out two waves of raids against targets around Damascus. The first strikes took place at dawn on Thursday and wounded two Syrian army members, according to the official SANA news agency. At dawn on Friday, missiles fired by presumably Israeli jets hit targets south of the Syrian capital.

The Observatory says Thursday's strikes killed five Revolutionary Guards. Sepah news speaks of a dead man, Milad Haïdari, presented as an officer and military adviser, fallen in the bombings of Friday at dawn.

Increase in the number of Israeli raids in Syria

The Iranian media claimed that "without a doubt" Israel "will receive a response for this crime." The Revolutionary Guard Agency denounced "the silence of international assemblies" in the face of Israeli "aggression" in Syria.

In March, the Israeli Air Force intensified its raids in Syria against positions of the Revolutionary Guards or pro-Iranian militias. The Syrian Observatory counted six strikes that killed at least ten people.

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