As a pillar industry of the national economy, the automotive industry shoulders the important task of expanding domestic demand and accelerating the construction of a modern industrial system.

As one of the representatives of the image of China's automobile industry, Hongqi brand fully supports the coverage of the two sessions with Hongqi H9/HQ9, fulfills its mission and responsibility, and shows the new style of China's automobile industry to the people of the whole country and even the world.

Hongqi H9/HQ9

Technology-driven development accelerates the pace of product innovation

2023 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 9th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and it is also a year for China's auto industry to continue to climb upward in the great changes of the global auto industry. A number of intelligent models representing the integration of contemporary technology industry and manufacturing are emerging. Hongqi H9/HQ<> is the best example.

At the same time, Hongqi brand adheres to the concept of "all user-centric", continuously injects innovative power into heart-warming services, and continues to carry out comprehensive digital empowerment to further enhance users' experience perception.

Taking the newly launched Hongqi HQ9 as an example, the design concept of this model "treat all things in harmony" integrates the value pursuit and aesthetic proposition of the Chinese nation for "personal harmony", "family harmony", "friendship and kindness", "national harmony" and "world peace"; The ubiquitous Chinese style, humanized design, intelligent technology and equipment will reconstruct the value of automobiles, create a new era of high-end travel in China's automotive industry, and set a new benchmark for high-end MPV products for global consumers, which will inspire more Chinese brands to innovate and move towards the leap of "Made in China".

Hongqi HQ9

Actively make suggestions and suggestions to jointly promote the high-quality development of the industry

Yang Yongxiu

Yang Yongxiu, deputy to the National People's Congress and chief skill master of the Trial Production Institute of China FAW R&D Institute, introduced that at present, there is a certain gap between the reliability, stability and precision retention of CNC equipment in China and foreign products, and the basic technology and key core technology research of CNC equipment need to be strengthened. Yang Yongxiu suggested that policy guidance and support should be further strengthened at the national level. Select qualified and capable central enterprises or state-owned enterprises, increase investment in research and development, take key laboratories as guidance, build multiple molecular key laboratories in many regions in China, develop in the direction of "specialized, refined and specialized", and support the research of core components and various industrial software with tax incentives.

Lu Xindi, engine assembly adjuster, senior technician and chief skill master in the assembly workshop of FAW Jiefang Dalian Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., suggested from the perspective of developing hydrogen energy, research emission standards, and talent training that enterprises should be encouraged and guided to strengthen independent vocational education, establish a high-skilled talent training and identification model that meets the needs of economic development, and help China's automobile industry accelerate its rise in the new energy era.

Deer new brother

"We should innovate the collaborative cultivation model, rely on large-scale backbone enterprises to build an exemplary high-skilled talent training base, and incubate top-notch skilled talents; Break through the practical bottleneck of high-skilled talents and engineering and technical talents to review professional titles, and promote skilled talents to enjoy the same treatment as enterprise managers; Improve the reward system for skilled talents, support skilled workers to achieve innovative results in branding, technology, intellectual property rights, etc., and include technological innovation and creation in the scope of collective wage bargaining. Lu Xindi said.

It is thanks to Yang Yongxiu and Lu Xindi such "craftsmen" who have devoted themselves to research and innovation, and China FAW has achieved remarkable achievements in core technology research and development and product innovation, especially in new energy transformation, which has also brought useful reference to the development of Chinese car companies.

Fulfill the mission of central enterprises and demonstrate the responsibility and responsibility of independent brands

While continuously providing high-quality products and services, Hongqi brand never forgets to fulfill corporate social responsibility and make due contributions in all fields of society.

In terms of education, Hongqi Brand and China Rural Development Foundation set up the "Hongqi Dream Self-Improvement Class", which plans to subsidize 2018,12575 poor high school students in state-level poor counties along the Long March Road to complete three years of high school. Since its establishment in 7075, the "Hongqi Dream Self-improvement Class" has sponsored a total of <>,<> students, of which <>,<> have successfully completed high school.

Hongqi Dream Self-Improvement Class Meeting

In addition, Hongqi brand is also actively committed to green factory construction and environmental protection work. Hongqi Prosperous Factory draws on advanced foreign environmental protection methods and experience, and starts with energy saving, consumption reduction, renewable energy use, environmental protection process application and pollution terminal treatment, etc., to achieve energy conservation and carbon reduction throughout the life cycle of the factory, setting an example for the industry to promote the "dual carbon" goal.

On the road of innovation and development facing the new era of smart electricity, China FAW will be more resolute in taking brand building as the rule, user-centered, and comprehensive innovation-driven as the main line, committed to meeting the people's needs for "wonderful travel, beautiful experience, and better life", and at the same time improving the quality of people's lives with more abundant and excellent products and services, always bearing in mind the "great of the country", firmly fulfilling social responsibilities, actively participating in public welfare undertakings, focusing on education, environmental protection, rural revitalization and other key areas. Promote common prosperity in high-quality development and contribute to the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country. (End)