China Business Daily (Reporter Zhou Ziyun Text/Photo) "Where there is hot sales, Moutai ice cream has been 'broken' since it was first listed," a scalper Xiao A, who is engaged in the Moutai liquor business, frankly told a reporter from China Business Daily.

Xiao A, long-term inverted various Moutai Group products, including Feitian Moutai, Moutai zodiac wine, etc., only for Moutai ice cream, he is buying at a high price and selling at a low price.

Recently, Xiao A bought 4 sets of Moutai ice cream products priced at 226 yuan each, and he expects to sell them at a price of <> yuan each.

And Xiao A's initiative to "sell" Moutai ice cream is drunk meaning Moutai wine.

Moutai ice cream sold for as low as 20%.

Recently, many scalpers are selling various specifications of Moutai ice cream products at low prices.

For example, scalper Xiao C revealed to reporters that its Moutai ice cream products on sale come in 3 cups, 6 cups, 9 cups and 12 cups, priced at 90 yuan, 180 yuan, 260 yuan and 300 yuan respectively.

This is much cheaper than the official price of 59 yuan/66 yuan per cup of Moutai ice cream (66 yuan/cup for classic original and vanilla flavors, and 59 yuan/cup for green plum boiled wine).

"The chairman of Moutai makes ice cream unaffordable for many people, and I want to make ice cream affordable for most people," Xiao C quipped.

Xiao A is another scalper of the inverted Moutai ice cream. Not long ago, he bought a set of 226-cup Moutai ice cream at a price of 3 yuan on the Xunfeng platform, and planned to sell it for <> or <> yuan.

In addition, on the second-hand trading platform Xianyu, when the reporter searched for "ice cream", he found that many Moutai ice cream products were also being sold at low prices, such as 6 cups of Moutai ice cream card coupons priced at 130 yuan, 10 cups of Moutai ice cream electronic card priced at 148 yuan, 12 cups of Moutai ice cream electronic card priced at 229 yuan, etc.

The reporter noticed that the keyword "Xunfeng" can be seen in the Moutai ice cream sales information released by many sellers, and at the same time, sellers have also mentioned that Moutai ice cream is sent directly from the Xunfeng platform. Xiao A also revealed to reporters that most scalpers buy Moutai ice cream from the Xunfeng platform and then sell it at a low price.

It is understood that Xunfeng is a meta-universe game platform jointly developed by Moutai Group and NetEase, which was launched on January 1 this year. On the Xunfeng platform, the reporter learned that Moutai ice cream is priced at 1 yuan for 10 cups, and Moutai ice cream is priced at 646 yuan for 3 cups. In contrast to the Xunfeng platform, on second-hand platforms such as Xianyu, the price of some Moutai ice cream products is even as low as two discounts.

On May 5 last year, the first Moutai ice cream flagship store opened at Moutai International Hotel; On May 19 of the same year, Moutai ice cream was first released, and more than 5,29 units were sold in the flagship store 002 within 7 hours of opening; Since then, news about consumers "queuing" to buy Moutai ice cream has been frequently reported.

It was robbed madly when it was listed, but now it is sold at two discounts, why is Moutai ice cream in such a different situation? In this regard, Xiao A said that the previous "long queue" phenomenon does not rule out a marketing method.

Drunken means or in Moutai

Behind the cause Moutai ice cream to be sold at a low price, or scalpers in order to buy Moutai wine.

It is understood that after consumers buy Moutai ice cream on the Xunfeng platform, they can get part of the yuan shellfish according to the actual amount paid, and when the yuan shellfish accumulates to a certain amount, they can exchange Moutai 24 solar terms wine, and the current stock is Moutai Lichun wine.

A liquor channel merchant revealed to reporters that the concept of Moutai 24 solar terms wine was proposed by Moutai Group this year, and was released on the day of the 24th solar term, and there are currently only two products, Lichun wine and stinging wine, each product has two specifications: 100ml and 500ml. At present, the sting wine has not yet arrived, and only Lichun wine is in stock.

He said that if consumers collected all 24 bottles of 48 solar terms, they could get a lot of money. But at present, the market heat of Lichun wine is general, when it was first listed, the price of Lichun wine 100ml specifications was more than 1000,500 yuan, and the price of 10000ml specifications was more than <>,<> yuan, and the current price fell to <> yuan and <>,<> yuan respectively.

Xiao A previously bought four sets of 226 yuan Moutai ice cream in order to save yuan shells to exchange for a 100ml bottle of Moutai Lichun wine. However, due to the decline in the price of Lichun wine, the popularity of channel vendors to buy this wine is not high, and he has not yet successfully sold this wine, so he decided to use this wine for collection.

"I'm not going to sell it for the time being, you can keep it for now, cooperate with other gamers, and a dozen of us may be able to collect a complete set of Moutai 24 solar terms." Little A said.

Xiao A also revealed that many platforms that sell Moutai ice cream may have "dark rules", consumers who buy a certain amount of Moutai ice cream can obtain the qualification to buy affordable Feitian Moutai, or it is easier to obtain the qualification to buy affordable Feitian Moutai.

If this is the case, the business about Moutai ice cream may be behind the figure of Moutai wine.

It is worth noting that on March 3, Moutai Group will launch several new Moutai ice cream products, including yogurt ice cream, matcha ice cream and blueberry juice slush, I wonder if the Moutai ice cream launched this time can still be favored by consumers? (At the request of the interviewee, Little A and Little C are pseudonyms.) )