Beijing, 3 Mar (Zhongxin Net) -- The Internet is an important achievement of the development of human society, and cyberspace is the common spiritual home of hundreds of millions of people. Making this home "clear in the sky" is the common expectation of the whole society and the common responsibility.

However, while the Internet gives full play to its function of providing rich information, facilitating social life and promoting economic development, some "discordant notes" have also emerged in the complex network ecology: some public opinion field noise with distortion of information, mistaken behavior, inaccurate concepts, and unbalanced positions, which poses great challenges to supervision and governance.

In recent years, the Cyberspace Administration of China has continued to carry out a series of "Qinglang" special actions, cracking down on prominent problems in the online ecology, tightening the main responsibility of website platforms, and actively responding to the concerns of the people. On March 3, the State Council's new office held a press conference on the relevant situation of the "Qinglang" series of special actions in 28, revealing that this year's "Qinglang" series of special actions will crack down on nine outstanding problems in the network ecology.

The "Qinglang" series of special actions have made cyberspace "clearer". Cyberspace is virtual, but the participants in cyberspace are real, and the information disseminated in cyberspace should also be real and reliable. But nowadays, some online accounts violate public order and good customs in order to maximize traffic, and many accounts that impersonate authority will mislead people's information acquisition and value judgment.

This year's "Qinglang" series of special actions focused on the chaos of self-media, focusing on rectifying the chaos of "self-media" rumors, counterfeiting, illegal profit-making and other chaos, and solving deep-seated problems such as distortion of "self-media" information content and loss of operational behavior. Deeply binding the profit income of "self-media" with the compliance of information content will undoubtedly help to suppress the signs of self-media bent on profit, and improve the brightness of cyberspace with real and credible colors.

The "Qinglang" series of special actions have made cyberspace "clearer". For some time, the use of the Internet to spread improper speech has occasionally appeared; The rhetoric of advocating negative energy ideas through the Internet has been repeated. This is not only unhelpful to individual netizens, but also endangers the development of the cause of the Party and the country, and must be resolutely stopped, controlled and cracked down, and must not be allowed to prevail.

This year's "Qinglang" series of special actions will standardize the order of network communication in key traffic links, further improve the efficiency of positive publicity and communication, and ensure that large traffic is always surging positive energy. Only by attacking the stubborn and stubborn diseases that have affected the Internet atmosphere, polluted the Internet ecology, and lowered the style of the Internet for a period of time can we better actively guide public opinion, help netizens draw a clear line between right and wrong, clarify ambiguous understanding, and inject strong impetus into the upward improvement of cyberspace.

The "Qinglang" series of special actions have made the "law more transparent" in cyberspace. The Internet is not a place outside the law, and the construction of network civilization cannot be separated from the guarantee of network rule of law. Practice has proved that the rule of law is the basic way of Internet governance, and the use of rule of law concepts, rule of law thinking and rule of law means to promote Internet development and governance has become a global consensus.

This year's "Qinglang" series of special actions emphasize the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, including timely publication of cases of violations of laws and regulations that damage the business network environment, and transfer serious cases of suspected violations and crimes to relevant authorities for handling according to law. From rectifying online chaos to compacting platform responsibilities to protecting citizens' information and minors, the Internet is running healthily on the track of rule of law. Continuously promoting the regularization and rule of law of cyberspace operation and management is the only way for China to become a network power.

When cyberspace is turbulent and clear, the spiritual homeland is thriving. However, we should also be aware that cyberspace is changing rapidly, and new situations and risks require us to be vigilant at all times. Only by adhering to multiple measures at the same time, grasping positive guidance, and implementing individual responsibilities can the online ecology become clearer and clearer, and hundreds of millions of netizens can enjoy more sense of gain, security and happiness in cyberspace. (End)