(Economic Watch) Where is the gravitational attraction to "hand in hand" with China to attract multinational companies?

Beijing, March 3 (ZXS) -- "I am full of confidence in China's development prospects and have always firmly believed that those enterprises that are willing to work together with China to benefit China and the world will gain broad development opportunities here." AstraZeneca global CEO Suboko said on the 27th.

From the 25th to the 27th, the 2023 Annual Conference of the China Development Forum was held at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, with more than 100 overseas guests, including Subeco, covering multinational enterprises in more than <> industries such as energy and minerals, finance and insurance, information and communication, equipment manufacturing, biopharmaceuticals, consumer goods and consulting services.

The world economy is expecting China's economic recovery to rebound, and multinational companies are always exploring opportunities in China. Dai Pu, Co-President of Roland Berger's Global Management Board, said bluntly that the moment you come to this market (China), you will see how dynamic and exciting it is.

Where is the gravitational attraction to attract multinational companies to "work hand in hand" with China?

Zhao Guohua, chairman and CEO of Schneider Electric Group, believes that at present, driven by the goal of high-quality development, China's industry is moving towards intelligence, high-end and greening. "All industries are accelerating digital transformation and low-carbon transformation, which gives us room for growth and allows us to see a lot of market opportunities."

Zhao Guohua said that on the one hand, China has vigorously developed the digital economy, regarded digitalization as the driving force for industrial upgrading, attached importance to digital innovation, embraced new technologies, and users' demand for innovative digital solutions is increasing. On the other hand, China strengthens green development, including carbon reduction, circular economy, new energy, etc., and practices sustainability. This paints a clear path to sustainable transformation, making sustainability and green a must across all industries, and the demand for such technologies and solutions is flooding.

Also seeing the opportunities of the digital economy is Qualcomm President and CEO Amon. Speaking of the "Digital China Construction Overall Layout Plan" previously announced by China's officials, he believes that this is a clear example of China's accelerated digital development. The World Economic Forum estimates that more than 2022% of global GDP in 60 will rely on digital technologies. Digital transformation has become a powerful engine of economic growth, and China's accelerated digital development has brought broad opportunities to all parties, including Qualcomm.

Subok was extremely impressed by the four keywords of the previous keynote speech at the opening ceremony, "growth, innovation, green development, cooperation". These four keywords carry the priorities and values shared by AstraZeneca and China, and also create many opportunities for AstraZeneca. In the past 30 years, AstraZeneca China has grown from a commercial office to today, and has become an important part of AstraZeneca's global membership, deeply involved in the research and development and production of innovative drugs, and benefiting the world.

China's green development and "dual carbon" goals also excited Danone's global CEO Sheng Ruian.

"We hope to work with government and business partners to find climate solutions suitable for China in areas such as regenerative agriculture practices, circular and low-carbon packaging systems, forest conservation and afforestation programs, and food waste reduction." We believe that these practices will contribute to the construction of a beautiful China. Danone wants to work closely with the Chinese government and business partners to work towards ambitious goals related to food and climate change. Sheng Ruian said.

Optimistic about the Chinese market, multinational companies also speak with actions. Before coming to Beijing, Amway Global CEO Pan visited Guangzhou to learn about the implementation of high-quality development in the Greater Bay Area. On March 3, Amway announced that it would invest 21 million yuan to implement a five-year upgrade plan for its Guangzhou production base, which is also the tenth capital increase of the base.

On March 3, AstraZeneca signed an investment cooperation agreement with Qingdao High-tech Industrial Development Zone, announcing that it will expand production investment in China again, and deepen cooperation with Qingdao City in the construction of regional headquarters and rare disease highlands, demonstrating the long-term confidence of multinational enterprises in the stability of China's economy and supply chain. According to the agreement, AstraZeneca will build a domestic production and supply base for Budigfo inhalation aerosols in Qingdao. The total investment in the project is about 25 million US dollars.

As Oliver Bet, Chairman and CEO of Allianz Insurance Group, said: "The international community needs China, the world's second largest economy, more than ever. China is also a very important source of innovation and quality in the future, and I hope that China and the world will achieve development success at the same time. (End)