【Commentary】 From March 3, China's civil aviation entered the summer and autumn season, which lasted until October 26, a total of 10 days. The reporter learned from the Civil Aviation Administration of China that a total of 28 domestic and foreign airlines plan to arrange passenger and cargo flights 217 times a week this season, and the planned number of international passenger flights has increased significantly compared with the summer and autumn season of 169.

On the morning of the 26th, the reporter saw at Beijing Daxing International Airport that there were many people coming and going in the terminal building, and there was a queue in front of the check-in counter. According to the relevant person in charge of Daxing Airport, more than 20 airlines will open international and regional routes at Daxing Airport in the new season, with a total of about 30.

【During the same period】Li Ziwei, business manager of aviation business department of Beijing Daxing International Airport

After the change of season, the number of our international routes has accumulated about 30, the average daily number of international flights at the beginning of the season is 18.6, and the average daily international flight volume can reach more than 30 in the peak season.

【Commentary】In the afternoon of the same day, Daxing Airport welcomed the first inbound flight from Qatar Airways Doha to Beijing Daxing, and the relevant person in charge of Qatar Airways introduced that this season, the airline's Daxing direct flight is scheduled to fly back and forth every day, in addition to Qatar Airways' international flights in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places have also increased.

【During the same period】Qatar Airways North Asia General Manager Chen Changyao

In addition to the resumption of 1 flight a day in Beijing today, we will also change from 1 flights a week to 1 flight a day in Guangzhou today, then Shanghai will also change from 4 flight a week to 1 flights a week, and then from mid-June we will become Shanghai is also a flight 1 flight a day, a total of 1 flights a week from China to Doha and the world.

It is reported that after the change of season, more international flights have successively ushered in their maiden flights at Daxing Airport. For example, Cambodia Air's first flight on the Beijing Daxing to Phnom Penh route on March 3, and the first flight of Air Asia on the Beijing Daxing to Kuala Lumpur route on March 27.

【During the same period】 Cambodia Airways Director Duan Lian

At present, the Daxing route from Beijing to Phnom Penh that we are going to resume is also the route between the two capitals that will be resumed first after the epidemic, so the planned flights are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

【During the same period】Liyun Lin, Director of Public Relations of AirAsia China

After the change of season, Beijing Daxing will open a direct flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on March 3, after the first flight, we will connect to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with 31 flights a week, and after April 1, this frequency will increase to 2 flights a week.

The continuous encryption of international routes in the new season has further increased the confidence of airlines in China's civil aviation market.

【During the same period】Zhai Pengfei, deputy manager of the operation headquarters of China Southern Airlines Beijing Branch

Now from the perspective of our Beijing market, in fact, our international routes have been better than before, and the aviation international market is still gradually recovering, and it is still in a process.

【During the same period】Qatar Airways North Asia General Manager Chen Changyao

The flights coming in from Beijing today are actually full, and then the outbound port is also more than 80% of the occupancy rate today, so we are actually quite satisfied, and we must be very confident that this market will become more and more active in the future. The World Cup also opened their eyes and felt that this place in Qatar is good, so we also look forward to welcoming more Chinese tourists to Qatar for sightseeing and tourism.

Reporter Liu Chao reported from Beijing

Responsible Editor: [Song Fangcan]