The sighting of a drone at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport has affected air traffic this Sunday in the capital and has caused delays in several flights coinciding with the return of the weekend.

As reported by Aena through its Twitter profile: "The sighting of the drone has forced to activate the procedure between Aena, ENAIRE and the State Security Forces and Bodies for about an hour."

Aena has also confirmed that the procedure has been deactivated after carrying out the appropriate checks and that, as a consequence, "some flights have been affected with delay".

The incident has occurred on runway 32-R, as specified by Air Traffic Controllers through the same social network, where they have indicated that a flight from Paris sighted the drone.

"After changing the configuration to south for a while and thus be able to guarantee a better pace of landings, we now return to north configuration in Madrid Barajas. Even so, it will take a while to recover the delay progressively, "added the controllers.

At the moment, the National Police, which has been collaborating with Aena and ENAIRE in the tasks to carry out the necessary checks in this type of case, has not reported that any drone has been shot down or that there are detainees for the incident.

It should be remembered that the operation of drones is not allowed in the 8 kilometers around airports and their irresponsible use in the airport environment can result in fines of up to 225,000 euros.

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