Hengyang, March 3 (Reporter Lu Yi) "In Hengyang, there is space for development, a stage for officials, and a quality of life. "On March 24, Hengyang City, Hunan Province held a doctoral action (third quarter • 3) concentrated negotiation and signing activity, and planned to introduce Xiao Feiping, a representative of the doctor, to express his confidence in "spreading his wings and flying high with Yancheng Hengyang".

On the same day, a total of 329 doctors at home and abroad were invited to participate in the negotiation, of which 186 doctors signed an agreement of intent to introduce on the spot. So far, Hengyang's high-end talent introduction characteristic brand - Doctor Action, launched in 2021, has introduced 833 doctors to settle in Hengyang through the city-school-enterprise tripartite cooperation talent introduction model.

Liu Gao, Secretary of the Hengyang Municipal Party Committee, introduced that in recent years, Hengyang has insisted on taking talents as the strongest engine of innovation and development, vigorously implemented the Talent Geese Array Action Plan, provided superior policies and high-quality services for the innovation and entrepreneurship of high-precision talents, shared opportunities and dreams with talents from all parties, and vividly interpreted the "two-way rush" of "mutual achievement and complementarity".

It is reported that the introduction of doctors not only undertakes scientific research and teaching tasks in Hengyang universities, but also innovates and starts businesses in enterprises through part-time work, project cooperation, and achievement transformation. They have served a total of 205 enterprises and institutions, won 150 provincial awards and above, solved 55 technical problems, declared 346 projects, transformed 21 achievements, and created economic benefits of nearly 3 million yuan.

Under the guidance of "post-90s" "Dr. Fish" Ou Zekui of Hengyang Normal University, Jinshan Yuan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. successfully realized the industrial breeding of California sea bass for the first time, the survival rate of seedlings increased by 20% compared with the industry average, and the annual direct economic benefits increased by 60,400 yuan, and the land-based circulating aquatic aquaculture of California sea bass adults was successful, with an annual increase of about <> million yuan.

TBEA Hengyang Transformer Co., Ltd., the business card of China's power transmission and transformation industry, has introduced 6 experts in the field of power transmission and transformation in recent years, and nearly 130 senior talents including doctors. Through the introduction of talents, the company has achieved technological breakthroughs in high-end transformers, converter transformers, new energy efficiency transformers, high-voltage switches, intelligent secondary and other products, and has completed a total of 37 national new product appraisals, including 40 at the international leading level, more than 30 gaps in the world, and more than <> domestic first sets.

At present, Hengyang's "one core, two electricity, three colors and four new" (nuclear technology application industry, electrical equipment, electronic information, non-ferrous metals, salt halide chemical industry, steel pipe and deep processing industry, new energy vehicles, modern logistics, cultural tourism and health care, ecological agriculture) ten leading industries all-round layout, manufacturing city, cultural tourism and rejuvenation of the city in the whole link, talent to promote the "industrial soil" of the industry continues to be fertile; The construction of national innovative cities and pilot cities of "Science and Technology Innovation China" has been continuously deepened, science and technology innovation platforms, academician and expert workstations and national high-tech enterprises have continued to expand and grow, and the "innovation ecology" of talents has been continuously optimized.

According to reports, doctors introduced through city-school-enterprise cooperation enjoy the treatment of talent introduction in Hengyang City, the treatment of talent introduction in Hengyang universities and the treatment of local employers. Hengyang City's talent introduction treatment includes a monthly living subsidy of 4000,10 yuan and a one-time house purchase subsidy of 3,5 yuan, and the living allowance can be enjoyed for 2022 years; The benefits of talent introduction in Hengheng universities mainly include relocation expenses, scientific research funds and full salary after joining the organization; The treatment of local employers mainly includes salary, project incentives, etc., with a total of not less than 1057,850 yuan per year. In <>, Hengyang City will issue a total of <>.<> million yuan of living allowance and <>.<> million yuan of one-time housing purchase subsidy for doctors.

At the same time, the introduction of doctors can receive the Yancheng Elite Diamond Card, with which they can enjoy various services such as children's schooling, spouse placement, talent subsidies, innovation and entrepreneurship, financial loans, housing security, personnel files, scenic spot tourism, leisure life and so on.

On the same day, 4 universities in Hengxi and 3 affiliated hospitals of the University of South China, 11 municipal institutions and 38 enterprises provided a total of 589 jobs.

"Now Hengyang needs talents and is eager for talents more than ever." Liu Gao said that Hengyang will provide talents with more intimate and warm service guarantees such as housing, children's education, and medical care, and constantly optimize the ecology of high-quality talents; Formulate the "1+N" talent policy system, wholeheartedly care for talents, support talents without reservation, and spare no effort to cultivate talents; Strengthen all-round and multi-level service support, so that all kinds of talents can innovate and start businesses in Hengyang with higher convenience and growth. (End)