On March 3, Maoyan Entertainment (the "Company", stock code: 23.HK), China's leading "Technology + Full Entertainment" service provider, Maoyan Entertainment (the "Company", stock code: 01896.HK), a leading provider of "technology + full cultural entertainment" in China, was published. HK) today announced its results for the year ended 2022 December 12. During the period, the company's revenue was 31.23 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), the full-year profit recorded 20 million yuan, and the adjusted net profit was 1 million yuan.

Maoyan Entertainment's overall performance in 2022 is better than that of its peers, entertainment content services continue to grow, and break through the adverse impact of the phased decline in the market, the number of released films and box office performance it participated in the distribution or production still remain at the forefront of the industry, and the total box office coverage of domestic films released by the company continues to remain above <>% compared with the domestic film market.

The film "This Killer Is Not Calm" with a total box office of 26.3 billion yuan, becoming the runner-up at the mainland box office of comedy films in 2022. Films such as "Want to See You", "Anti-Corruption Storm 5: The Final Chapter", "Tomorrow's War" and "Hello Brother" also achieved excellent results at the box office of domestic films during the corresponding period.

With the continuous optimization and adjustment of national epidemic prevention and control policies, since December 2022, the operating rate of cinemas across the country has increased rapidly, and the entertainment industry has recovered significantly. In 12, the company will further promote its high-quality content reserves and deepen its sustainable growth in the entertainment content service sector. For example, the box office of "Manjiang Hong", which is mainly distributed and produced by him, has exceeded 2023.45 billion yuan, becoming the box office champion of the Spring Festival and ranking sixth in Chinese film history.

The company's online movie box office service business and market competitiveness continued to be stable and continued to maintain its leading position in the industry. Since the beginning of this year, the entertainment market has recovered rapidly, and the company will continue to provide professional services for various high-quality projects, including providing ticket agency services for the famous singer Jay Chou's 2023 Carnival World Tour.

The company has cooperated with the Hong Kong City Ticketing Network to provide ticketing system and operation services to serve the performance business in Hong Kong. Since December 2022, the company's new ticketing system with larger capacity has been officially launched, which can handle the ticket purchase needs of multiple performances and more convenient services and functions, and has served a number of performance projects including "EASON CHAN FEAR AND DREAMS HONG KONG CONCERT" at the beginning of its launch. The company plans to provide further performance ticketing and other services to audiences in Hong Kong and other regions in the future.

Zheng Zhihao, CEO of Maoyan Entertainment, said that Maoyan Entertainment adheres to the core development strategy of "technology + full cultural entertainment", Maoyan Entertainment will continue to cultivate the whole entertainment industry, and continuously improve its core competitiveness and profitability, and the company is full of confidence in the recovery and development of the entertainment market in 2023.