Around World Sleep Day on March 3 every year, various sleep white papers and research reports come to the scene, and various companies investigate the sleep conditions of different groups from different perspectives. Prior to this, Mousse also released a white paper on healthy sleep for 21 consecutive years, focusing on the sleep conditions and needs of entrepreneurs, the middle class, youth, netizens, children and other groups.

This year, Mousse did something different.

On March 3, the "China Sleep Big Data Report" led by national authoritative institutions such as China Sleep Big Data Center and China Sleep Research Association, and supported by Mousse, a leading brand of healthy sleep, was officially released in Beijing, covering the overall sleep status of Chinese people, as well as the sleep picture of different regions, ages, genders, incomes, occupational groups, sleep health industry development, sleep aid products and other data. Mousse is not only the output unit of this report, but also the practice base of healthy sleep solutions under China Big Data Center.

China Sleep Big Data Center was established in Beijing

Focus topic, change and change

In recent years, sleep has become a hot topic in society, for everyone, sleep is indeed a big thing, after all, 1/3 of the time is related to it. On the contrary, "getting a good night's sleep" has become a big problem for more and more people.

Various medical institutions have also gradually paid attention to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, and many third-class hospitals in China have opened sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment centers or sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment clinics. The Healthy China Initiative released in 2019 also included sleep health as a key action indicator.

The increasing diversity of voices and channels for the gathering of sleep topics also reflects a problem: behind this industry, there is the integration and interweaving of multi-disciplinary, multi-role, and multi-field such as policy, enterprise, medical care, software and hardware technology, data, and consumers.

Focusing on the industrial perspective, the current domestic sleep industry is still presenting a pattern of "large industries, small enterprises", brand concentration is still relatively low, there is no tens of billions of brands, but the growth rate is very fast, it can be regarded as the industry that has risen rapidly in recent years, and there are still considerable development expectations in the future, and the potential space is broad, which is unchanged.

However, the logic and industrial drivers of the market are changing.

We always believe that the innovation and upgrading of traditional industries cannot be expected to achieve the development of traditional factor resources such as labor force and land, and the constraints of traditional factor resources are tightening, and the comparative advantage is weakening or even disappearing. The path of future industrial development must rely on the combination of high-quality talents, technology, data, management and other new production factors to highlight the value.

Digitalization, intelligence, and branding are the inevitable trends of the upgrading of the sleep industry, and the support of data infrastructure is inseparable from the landing of these trends and the future high-quality development of the industry.

This new solution, Mousse has prepared for this.

Data, the new element of enterprise competition

In the past 19 years, Mousse has rushed out from a state of scattered sand and occupied the first position in the domestic market, the core is that it has carried out a forward-looking business layout, and has always built its own "moat" around healthy sleep, whether it is "integrated innovation" and "international strength" in product research and development, "intelligent manufacturing transformation" in manufacturing dimension, "concept transmission" in cultural dimension, or "golden butler" in service dimension, Mousse has systematic competitiveness. At the same time, it is also a benchmark enterprise that promotes the industry from "manufacturing" to "brand".

In terms of data capacity building, Mousse also has some accumulation. For example, when terminal stores create personalized, customized, and thousands of healthy sleep solutions for consumers, this itself is also a process of data interaction and precipitation. On the intelligent manufacturing side, Mousse cooperates with the world's top digital technology team, introduces advanced intelligent equipment, and creates four core technology systems to realize process data, production automation, information automation, and logistics automation in the production and manufacturing links, and open up the whole link automation data from customer orders to product delivery. Mousse has certain data genes and foundation in the front and back end.

Having said that, the construction of data capabilities is a long-term, complex, systematic project, not overnight, really to create industry-level big data, involving multi-discipline, multi-field integration, this point, as mentioned earlier.

Therefore, the China Sleep Big Data Center, which Mousse participated in the construction this time, links the forces of all walks of life, covering a full range of data such as sleep market size, age distribution of sleep disorders, sleep conditions of key groups, number of sleep hospitals, types of sleep problems, industry maps, growth forecasts, etc., and is deeply involved as a practice base for healthy sleep solutions. It is not difficult to find that Mousse has strategic significance to incorporate the new element of "data" into the system competitiveness of enterprises and make longer-term preparations for the future.

Why do you say that? In the past 18 years, Mousse has accumulated comprehensive capabilities in products, technology, intelligent manufacturing, services and other dimensions, occupying the first echelon of the industry and is a brand driven by the manufacturing era. Now after the bar mitzvah, Mousse is actually in a new stage, superimposed on some new variables such as consumption stratification, scientific and technological innovation, industrial upgrading, etc., began to enter the era of users and data, the company's own conditions in all aspects, chassis is more stable and solid than before, under the high attention of society, the topic of sleep is higher than before, consumers have a higher pursuit of quality, more business opportunities, sleep is often defined as "new economy", in the new stage, what Mousse has to do is new opportunities under the new economy, seeking greater development.

At the same time, the development of enterprises is inseparable from the opportunities of the times, and the "pain points" of the industry are the "responsibility" of enterprises. Mousse relies on its strength to support the practice base of healthy sleep solutions, and the deeper significance is that Mousse is building a data infrastructure for the healthy sleep industry, taking the initiative to explore the development direction of the sleep industry, leading the industry into the era of data technology, making data a kind of productivity, creating greater value for users, and at the same time, enterprises are looking for a larger incremental market for healthy sleep solutions in the era of big data to lay a solid foundation for occupying a larger market share.

China Sleep Big Data Center-Mousse Healthy Sleep Solution Practice Base was established

Seize a new highland of high-quality development

In 2023, Mousse is also constantly launching new strategic initiatives. On February 2, Mousse officially released the Healthy Sleep Pyramid HSP (Healthy Sleep Pyramid) platform, which gathers seven platforms, six university disciplines, CNAS laboratory, healthy sleep monitoring data cloud, healthy sleep butler service, Industry 27.4 intelligent production line, global supply chain and other all-round capabilities, forming the pillar of the technology platform, and differentiating from it Sleep Comfort Technology (health and safety protection), Sleep Comfort Technology (mattress core technology), Sweet Sleep Technology (private customization) Three product layers.

While Mousse has established relatively complete competitiveness in terms of products and technologies, the landing of China Sleep Big Data Center has completed an important part of its capabilities. Next, a set of iron triangle relationships with "products, technology platforms, and big data" as the core will form an echo with each other, continue to lead the industry, promote the all-round improvement of users' sleep quality and sleep experience, let good products truly serve people, and seize a new highland of high-quality development of the sleep industry.

A good company should make good technology and good products more inclusive and benefit consumers. Mousse focuses on the healthy sleep solution of "whole family× whole life cycle× and all scenarios", forming a "vertical and horizontal" three-dimensional full-dimensional data in-depth research, vertically taking the life cycle as the ruler, and different sleep needs at different stages; Horizontally based on family organization and focus on the sleep pain points of the whole family.

Yang Xin, Vice President of Mousse, released Mousse's new strategic measures

The next thing worth looking forward to is what kind of chemical reaction can be produced by the combination of China's sleep big data center and Mousse. With the deeper the understanding of the data, it provides a good reference for the future product development direction of the company, and it is also a kind of alignment and correction, and the market cross-section that Mousse can cut is getting bigger and bigger. In the long run, it not only drives the improvement of Mousse's business quality, but also promotes the standardization and standardization of the industry and truly achieves high-quality development.

Taking advantage of the opportunity of the Sleep Big Data Center, Mousse is also advocating that not only sleep companies, including various brands in the pan-home furnishing industry, should work together to help the Chinese people sleep healthily, and provide the best sleep products and environment for the Chinese people with data-driven, material innovation, process innovation, design innovation, and technological innovation, which is the social responsibility of every enterprise. The industry first does its own thing, and then consumers must also update their thinking, really pay enough attention to sleep, starting from choosing a mattress and pillow that suits them, this matter can not be done, but a two-way rush.

Standing at a higher height to see the farther future, when the story of the horse racing into the end, the original development model is unsustainable, enterprises must break away from the traditional model, look for a new growth curve, in order to achieve leapfrog development, in this process, the real test of whether the enterprise can respond to the new variables in time, and prepare for this, establish new capability advantages, which will become the dividing line between enterprises. A new round of change and innovation in the sleep industry, enterprises must not lack the weapon of "data", which is in the face of the stock game, from "quantity and price killing" to "quantity and quality double rise" switching, rather than passive choice, it is better to take the initiative to change, this time, Mousse chose the latter. The road will not be easy, but the walker will come.