The expert called such a jump "the last surge in demand growth" for the euro.

"This is not a trend, but, on the contrary, its end. The era of the dollar and the euro is leaving. I want to note that the euro is an extremely high-risk currency. Any transactions in euros can be blocked by the decision of the EU and the United States," Ginko said.

In his opinion, the demand for euros from both individuals and legal entities will tend to decline.

First, as the analyst noted, there is an obvious trend for the development of tourism in countries with a different currency.

Now, for example, after covid restrictions, China is opening up, and the tourist flow there can grow tenfold, Ginko added.

"Secondly, we are buying less and less goods from the EU. We began to buy more products in other countries, and our own production is developing very powerfully. In the coming years, the production of what we used to import will be increased, "the RT interlocutor concluded.

Earlier it was reported that the euro rate on the Moscow Exchange rose above 83 rubles for the first time since April 21, 2022, follows from the data of the trading platform.