At the Motor Show starting in Thailand, the largest hub of the automobile industry in Southeast Asia, Toyota Motor Corporation exhibited a prototype of EV = electric vehicle for pickup trucks, and Chinese manufacturers also exhibited EVs one after another, and sales competition is expected to become even more fierce in the future.

More than 22 brands from Japan, China, Europe, and other countries exhibited at the motor show, which began on the 40nd in the suburbs of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, and the exhibition was open to the press on the 21st.

Toyota Motor Corporation, which has the top market share in Thailand, exhibited a prototype EV pickup truck that is popular in Thailand.

We plan to start sales in Thailand in the future, and are considering producing it at a plant in Thailand.

In Thailand, the government is promoting the spread of EVs in an attempt to attract related industries, and the number of passenger EVs sold in Thailand last year was about 1,9600 units, nearly five times the previous year.

At the show, Chinese EV giant BYD and other companies also exhibited EVs, and it is expected that sales competition between Japanese and Chinese manufacturers will become even more fierce in the future.

Noriaki Yamashita, president of Toyota Thailand, said, "We will introduce all kinds of electrified vehicles into Thailand, including hybrid vehicles, which are our specialty."