, Nanjing, March 13 (Xu Shanshan) Gu Chao, deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, said on the 13th that the province will carry out targeted, step-by-step, and subsidized entrepreneurship for college students who are studying in the province and have the willingness to start a business. Training, no less than 300,000 college students are trained each year, of which no less than 150,000 fresh graduates.

  On the same day, the launching ceremony of the special event of "Creating Jiangsu" Entrepreneurship Training into Campuses was held in Nanjing Institute of Technology, and Nanjing Institute of Engineering's 2022 College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Achievement Exhibition was held simultaneously.

  College students are the most dynamic and potential force for entrepreneurship and innovation, and they are the new force for mass entrepreneurship and innovation.

In recent years, more and more college students have devoted themselves to entrepreneurship and innovation, but many of them face problems such as lack of experience, low skills, difficulty in financing, and inadequate services.

  Previously, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, the Provincial Department of Education, and the Provincial Department of Finance issued the "Notice on Carrying out the Special Activity of "Creating Jiangsu" Entrepreneurship Training on Campuses" (hereinafter referred to as the "Special Activity") to further enhance the entrepreneurial innovation ability of college students and help College students achieve high-quality employment.

The launching ceremony of the special event of "Creating Jiangsu" entrepreneurship training into the campus was held in Nanjing Institute of Technology.

Photo by Lin Ning

  The special activities are mainly aimed at college students who are studying in Jiangsu Province and have the willingness to start a business (including students who have graduated from ordinary colleges and vocational colleges 2 years before graduation, and students who have graduated from senior engineering classes and technician classes in technical colleges 2 years before graduation) to start a business training.

  Specifically, the special activity focuses on the ability and quality requirements of college students at each stage of entrepreneurial innovation, and carries out entrepreneurial training through the "three-dimensional integration" of entrepreneurial awareness, entrepreneurial ability, and entrepreneurial policies.

  For college students who are willing to start a business, Jiangsu has extensively carried out basic entrepreneurship awareness training of no less than 24 class hours, assessing the personality characteristics, entrepreneurial conditions and skill levels of college students, and enhancing the internal drive of college students to participate in entrepreneurial practice.

For college students with entrepreneurial behavior and certain entrepreneurial ability, Jiangsu has developed the "Entrepreneurship + Skills" training program, which combines the characteristics of their entrepreneurial stage, skill level, personal hobbies, etc., to carry out training such as starting a business and starting a business online, to enhance the practice of entrepreneurial innovation for college students. Manipulation ability.

  "We will give full play to the functional advantages of vocational skills training as the main business, promote the construction of a curriculum system that integrates skills training and professional education, incorporate the hours of entrepreneurship training courses into credit management, and increase training incentives. Those with corresponding certificates will be given entrepreneurship training subsidies according to regulations, and training institutions that have made outstanding contributions will be given priority in supporting the declaration of provincial entrepreneurship demonstration base projects, and strive to provide the best training guarantee for college students.” Gu Chao said.