Automaker SUBARU has announced the promotion of Atsushi Osaki, Managing Director, to the new president in June this year.

SUBARU held a board meeting on the 3rd, and decided to appoint President Tomomi Nakamura as chairman without representative rights as of June this year, and to promote Mr. Osaki, senior managing director, to the new president.

It has been five years since the president was replaced.

Mr. Osaki is 60 years old.

He joined the company as an engineer, and in addition to being in charge of engine design, etc., when an inspection fraud was discovered in 2017, he was responsible for quality assurance and worked to prevent recurrence.

He is currently managing director and head of manufacturing.

At a press conference on the 3rd, Mr. Osaki said, "Precisely because it is difficult to predict the future, I strongly believe that it is my job to keep my feet on the ground and not sway my axis, and to face forward firmly and fulfill my heavy responsibility." said enthusiastically.

Mr. Nakamura, who will become chairman, said, "The era will continue where difficult steering is required, such as responding to the electrification of vehicles. As chairman, I will do my best to support the new system."

SUBARU plans to establish a new EV (electric vehicle) factory in Oizumi-cho, Gunma Prefecture, where it is based, and plans to start operation after 2027.