has presented its results for 2022, a year in which it obtained a

net profit of 4,339 million euros


The company slightly exceeded its estimates for 2022 -between 4,000 and 4,200 million-, but once again points out the fall in Spain, which was 19%.

He also highlighted record investments of 10,370 million euros.

Ignacio Galán

, executive president of Iberdrola, referred to the year "marked by the energy crisis and the difficulties in global supply chains."

In it, he explained, investments increased by 13% ""to continue growing solidly, generating more activity and employment and reducing dependence on fossil fuels." Spain was the country in which they invested the most - some 3,000 million euros,


to their data- and, in total, they allocated 38% of this money to the European Union.The United States was the second territory with the highest investment (25%), followed by Latin America (20%) and the United Kingdom (13%).

The profit was 11.5% higher than the previous year (which, in turn, represented a growth of 8%).

However, from the firm, they also remember that, despite the fact that the company earned these 4,339 million euros,

it paid 7,500 million in taxes in the period

, which means about 20 million daily.

Of these, 2,600 million were paid in Spain.

"Iberdrola is one of the three companies that pay the most taxes to the Public Treasury", they highlight in their press release.

Thus, the company regrets a 19% drop in Iberdrola Spain's net profit and ensures that the results are "

hampered by regulatory and tax measures and the increase in costs

that the company has not passed on to customers."

He also points out that, although his net profit growth forecast is in line with that experienced in recent years -they place it between 8% and 10%-, they believe that it will remain in the "around 5% including the new income tax in Spain.

All in all, Ebitda increased by 10%, to 13,228 million euros "thanks to the growth in the United States and Brazil, which offset the fall in Spain," the company highlights.

Iberdrola, like other electric companies, has positioned itself against the tax on the sector for the benefits 'fallen from heaven' during the energy crisis.

Banks have also joined the legal battle.

During the year, Iberdrola reached 40 GW of renewable energies in operation and expects to add 7,675 MW in the next four years (3,500 MW of these will be offshore wind power).

In addition, it had a record emission of only 59 grams CO2/kWh in Europe, "four times less than the industry average".

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