A few days ago, a reporter from China Securities Journal went to Beijing, Zhengzhou and other places to investigate a number of real estate properties and found that since the Spring Festival holiday, the number of customer inquiries in the real estate market has increased significantly, and some real estate properties have been sold out.

  According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, in January this year, the price index of new commercial housing in 70 cities across the country remained flat month-on-month, with an increase of 0.0%.

Analysts believe that this year's property market support policies in various regions are still expected to be further increased to promote the increase in transaction volume.

Customers' enthusiasm for house inspections is heating up

  On the afternoon of February 19, a reporter from China Securities Journal came to a real estate sales office in Shijingshan District, Beijing to conduct research. Within two hours, there were nearly 30 customers in the sales hall consulting the real estate situation and visiting the model room, and two customers The subscription form was signed on site.

  "There are about 100 customers who come to our real estate to see the house every day. We have a total of 10 sales managers, and we are a bit overwhelmed." Li Han (pseudonym), a sales manager of the real estate, told a reporter from China Securities Journal that since the Spring Festival holiday , Customers' enthusiasm for house inspections has increased significantly. On February 18 alone, nearly 10 houses have been sold in the real estate where it is located.

  According to Li Han, 11 buildings are planned for his real estate, with nearly 500 suites. Currently, 9 buildings with nearly 400 suites have been opened, and they are expected to be sold out in February.

"We are 'not worried about selling'. Buying a house is a big event for every family, and we also recommend that customers take a closer look." She said.

  In many real estate projects in other districts of Beijing, there is also an endless stream of customers who come to consult.

Liu Yuan (pseudonym), the sales manager of a real estate in Mentougou District, said that during this time, sometimes he would be busy until 12 o'clock in the evening before leaving get off work.

Yang Xiao (pseudonym), a real estate sales manager in Daxing District, said that after returning home for reunion communication during the Spring Festival holiday, many customers' willingness to buy houses has been clarified, and the transaction volume has increased after the holiday.

  In other cities, customer consultation enthusiasm has also increased.

A real estate sales manager of Vanke in Zhengzhou told a reporter from China Securities Journal that the commercial loan interest rate for the first house in Zhengzhou has recently been lowered to 3.8%, which has attracted many customers to come to see the house.

"This is the lowest interest rate for housing loans in Zhengzhou in the past 10 years I have been in the business. It is indeed a good time to buy a house for customers who just need it and improve it."

Bank high-speed lending

  A reporter from China Securities Journal learned that in terms of transaction prices, the prices of various real estate properties have not changed much recently, but the preferential activities are different. There are still many real estate properties that are sprinting for a "good start".

"It is still in the 'good start' stage. Customers can participate in the event of smashing golden eggs, and there are refrigerators, color TVs and other good gifts to give away." A mortgage intermediary in Beijing said.

  While the real estate market is getting warmer, commercial banks also maintain high-speed lending and increase cooperation with real estate.

"Our real estate has a total of 7 cooperative banks, mainly joint-stock banks and city commercial banks. The approval speed of each bank is very fast. If the information is complete, the loan can be released within 7 working days." Li Han revealed, Recently, banks are also negotiating cooperation with their companies.

  Since the beginning of this year, many banks have also focused on the housing finance business and increased their strategic cooperation with real estate companies.

On February 15, China Resources Group and China Merchants Bank signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will focus on seeking cooperation and development opportunities in financing and credit, industrial mergers and acquisitions, green finance, and technological innovation.

  Previously, Minsheng Bank Chongqing Branch signed strategic cooperation agreements with Huayu Group, Liangjiang Real Estate, and Kangtian Group. Further in-depth cooperation in comprehensive financial services.

Policies are expected to increase

  Since last year, many real estate-related policies have been introduced.

Jiang Yuhui, chief analyst of the real estate industry at Cinda Securities, said that the improved demand support policies in the core first- and second-tier cities that have been less relaxed before are expected to increase.

Combined with the previous dynamic adjustment mechanism of the first housing loan interest rate policy, demand-side policies are expected to further reduce the cost of purchasing houses at the margin and increase leverage appropriately.

  "Currently, the demand for improvement is sustainable to a certain extent. The characteristics of city-specific policies are relatively obvious. The identification of the second set and the pricing of the second set of loan interest rates are key variables. There is still room for strengthening the support for improvement demand." Galaxy Securities Research Report stated .

  In terms of prices, the latest 70-city housing price index released by the National Bureau of Statistics shows that the price index of new commercial housing in 70 cities across the country was flat month-on-month, with an increase of 0.0%, and a year-on-year increase of -2.3%.

Sheng Guoqing, chief statistician of the Urban Department of the National Bureau of Statistics, said that the sales prices of commercial housing in first-tier cities turned up month-on-month, while the decline in second- and third-tier cities slowed down;

  "This year's Spring Festival is earlier than in previous years, and it is expected that this year's real estate "Xiaoyangchun" will come earlier than in previous years. At present, the vast majority of buyers are just in need and improving, and housing prices are not expected to change much. The discount rate is different, depending on the speed of real estate liquidation." The above-mentioned real estate agency told the reporter of China Securities Journal.