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  "Now our car dealership does not dare to accept new energy second-hand cars. The market volatility is really a bit big." A few days ago, Liu Bing (pseudonym), a salesman at a second-hand car dealership in Lianchi District, Baoding City, Hebei Province, told the "Daily Economic News" The reporter said that after Tesla's price reduction, the transaction volume of second-hand Teslas became lower and lower, and customers took a wait-and-see attitude, worrying whether Tesla would continue to lower prices in the future.

  In fact, after Tesla announced a sharp price cut at the beginning of this year, Wenjie, Xiaopeng Motors, GAC Aian, Jikrypton, etc. all officially announced price cuts for related new energy models. The price of all its pure electric medium-sized SUV bZ4X models has been reduced by 30,000 yuan for a limited time.

  The "price cut tide" in the new energy vehicle market has triggered a chain reaction in the new energy used car market, and many second-hand car dealers that carry out new energy vehicle business feel the chill.

  "Most of the fuel vehicles in stock have gone before the Spring Festival, but second-hand new energy vehicles really can't be sold." Liu Bing told reporters helplessly.

According to Liu Bing, Tesla and other new energy second-hand cars have been affected by the official new car price cuts, and the price has generally been lowered by 20,000 to 30,000 yuan compared with before.

As the largest second-hand car dealership in Baoding City, Liu Bing’s store has no less than 50 parking spaces. Before the Spring Festival, the fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles that were fully parked have now sold more than half, leaving more than a dozen parking spaces. In general, most of them are new energy second-hand cars that have not yet been sold.

  Liu Bing's experience is not an exception.

During the interview, the reporter found that shrinking car prices and declining transaction volume are problems faced by many new energy second-hand car dealers.

"The prices of new cars and second-hand cars are linked. The price cuts of new energy brands have actually suppressed the market price of second-hand cars. When the prices of second-hand cars fluctuate greatly, it will cause a certain degree of inventory for second-hand car dealers. Backlog and capital occupation.” Auto marketing expert Yan Jinghui told reporters that the price reduction of new energy new cars will have a greater impact on the new energy second-hand car market.

  At a loss of 30,000 yuan,

  Used car dealers suffer from inventory backlog

  Yang Lan (pseudonym) has always wanted to buy a second-hand Tesla Model Y in good condition, but she has not placed an order for a long time.

"I started thinking about it a few years ago, but Tesla suddenly lowered the price, so I dare not buy it now." Yang Lan told reporters, "Fortunately (I) didn't place an order at the time, and the price of buying a second-hand car is price-performance ratio, and the price fluctuates." It’s so big, it’s uncertain whether the price will be lowered in the future.”

  There are many consumers similar to Yang Lan.

Liu Bing told reporters that in recent years, consumers' recognition of new energy vehicles has continued to increase, and new energy used cars have become a new business for many used car dealers. However, the sudden "price cuts" of new energy vehicles have prevented him from confidence.

  Liu Bing gave an example to the reporter, taking a quasi-new Tesla Model Y long-range car received last year as an example. 280,000 yuan.

"For the original car owner, a loss of 100,000 yuan is indeed quite a lot. But after Tesla cut the price, the price of the Model Y long-range version dropped by 48,000 yuan. We can only follow suit. The price of the car has now been adjusted to 250,000 yuan. , which is 30,000 yuan lower than the closing price, and there is no way to lose money, I just hope that the loss can be stopped in time." Liu Bing said.

  The backlog of inventory caused by the difficulty of selling new energy used cars has also caused headaches for some used car dealers.

A salesperson from another second-hand car dealership in Lianchi District, Baoding City told reporters that a 2021 Tesla Standard Range Model Y in his store had been under pressure for two months, and finally lost more than 20,000 yuan. Yuan was sold.

  Tesla is not the only one suffering from the cold shoulder in the used car market.

Liu Bing gave an example to the reporter and said that for a Xiaopeng P7 that is only one year old, the original owner purchased the car with an installation price of 280,000 yuan, and the second-hand car collection price at the end of last year was only about 140,000 yuan.

After the price cut of Xiaopeng Motors, the price of second-hand cars may drop again.

  "Even if we lose money now, we hope to clear the inventory of second-hand new energy vehicles as soon as possible. The longer it is delayed, the more we will lose. The inventory and funds are backlogged, and the company is under great pressure." Liu Bing said that the second-hand car he works in The bank has already planned to reduce the expansion of the new energy used car business.

  It is worth mentioning that on February 10, Tesla China’s official website showed that the price of the Model Y rear-wheel drive version was raised by 2,000 yuan, from 259,900 yuan to 261,000 yuan.

In this regard, a second-hand car practitioner in Beijing believes that the slight increase in the price of only one Tesla model will not have much impact on the second-hand car market. Compared with the previous surging price cuts, this is just An unremarkable wave.

  The value retention rate of three-year-old electric vehicles is still low

  In fact, although the direct sales model promoted by Tesla has improved the transparency of car prices to a certain extent, its product price adjustments lack early warning. The big impact not only increases customers' wait-and-see mentality, but also easily attracts consumers to turn their attention to new cars.

  In this regard, Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the National Passenger Car Market Information Association, once said that the direct sales model of new energy vehicle brands has brought about fast-paced fluctuations in new car prices, and has not played the role of dealers in regulating them.

The dealer model needs to be added to the sales of new energy vehicles to cover a wider market.

  A few days ago, the data of the "2022 China Automobile Brand Value Preservation Rate Report" released by the China Automobile Dealers Association showed that the one-year value retention rate of some pure electric models is close to the three-year value retention rate of fuel vehicles, but the overall value of three-year-old electric vehicles The preservation rate is still only 57.2%.

  In this regard, Yan Jinghui believes that the reason why the value preservation rate of new energy vehicles still has a large gap with fuel vehicles is mainly because compared with fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles have a lower base, a shorter development time, and basic data are not particularly sufficient. The calculation of the preservation rate needs to be further improved.

On the other hand, since the cost of the three core components of new energy vehicles - motor, battery, and electronic control account for more than half of the vehicle price, especially the attenuation and loss of the battery, it is the key concern of consumers when buying new energy used vehicles However, the testing and evaluation of the core components of new energy second-hand vehicles on the market is still relatively weak.

  In addition, most new energy car companies currently give the first car owner life-long warranty, free charging and other rights, and second-hand car owners cannot enjoy it.

When many consumers consult and purchase second-hand new energy vehicles, they are often worried about core components such as battery life attenuation, battery warranty period, and motor loss.

Therefore, through the establishment of a professional testing mechanism, it is particularly important for the healthy development of the new energy used car industry to accurately dispel consumers' concerns about safety, motor loss, and battery attenuation.

  "Establish a scientific, fair, and market-tested new energy used car testing platform, improve the identification and evaluation methods of new energy used cars, provide more accurate and transparent testing and evaluation services, and provide a reasonable basis for the pricing of new energy used cars. The important aspect of honest management of new energy used cars can also provide a better premise and foundation for the healthy operation of the new energy used car market in the future." Yan Jinghui believes.