China News Service, February 15th (China News Finance reporter Xie Yiguan) On February 15th, the China Consumers Association released an analysis of the complaints accepted by the National Consumers Association in 2022.

  The China Consumers Association pointed out that in 2022, affected by the international and domestic economic situation and epidemic factors, epidemic-related consumer disputes and complaints about operators shutting down and running away will increase significantly.

At the same time, new and old problems in the field of large-value commodities and online services are intertwined, which plagues consumers.

For example, bundled sales in the field of real estate consumption, unfinished problems, frequent "routines" in the field of membership services, etc.

Complaints related to the epidemic surge

——Many complaints about anti-epidemic products

  The China Consumers Association stated that during the period of repeated epidemics, the supply of relevant anti-epidemic supplies and antipyretics and other medical supplies was in short supply. Some unscrupulous merchants took the opportunity to increase prices, hoard them or sell them in bundles, disrupting the normal market order.

  The first is to drive up prices by increasing demand; the second is to hoard medicines or anti-epidemic supplies; the third is to force bundling and selling of other medicines; Adding antibacterial agents and other claims can "kill" the virus.

——There are many "new crown" insurance routines

  The China Consumers Association pointed out that after the outbreak, many domestic insurance companies launched "new crown" isolation and infection-related insurance.

However, many consumers reported that with the surge in the number of infections, they encountered various "high thresholds" when settling claims.

  One is that publicity is easy but compensation is difficult.

In order to attract consumers to buy insurance, some insurance companies claim that they can pay if the nucleic acid is positive, and set harsh conditions after consumers are actually infected; the second is to play "word games" to refuse compensation.

Some insurance companies do not pay compensation on the grounds that consumers are diagnosed with "new crown virus infection" rather than "new crown pneumonia"; the third is to evade the liability for compensation.

Some insurance companies deliberately evade compensation liability by removing relevant insurance products from the shelves, losing contact with insurance claimants, and disconnecting customer service calls.

——Frequent epidemic-related service disputes

  The China Consumers Association stated that due to the strong transmission ability of the new coronavirus mutation, the "rapid peak" and large-scale infection of people have affected the normal operation of some industries to a certain extent, and related consumer disputes have increased significantly.

  One is that consumers are unable to travel according to the original plan due to the epidemic, and it is difficult to refund the deposit or contract price prepaid on the relevant online platform; the other is that the express delivery is overtime.

During the period of repeated epidemics, due to insufficient manpower and reduced transportation capacity of various food delivery platforms, a large number of express delivery outlets were paralyzed, and packages were backlogged or lost.

"Shutdown" disputes cause greater damage to consumers

——Suspension of online games triggers virtual property disputes

  The China Consumers Association mentioned that some online game operators often "anticlimate" when old games stop serving, and are irresponsible for consumers' rights and interests. Related issues urgently need to be regulated by legislation.

  One is large-scale promotions before the suspension of the service, deliberately inducing consumers to turn "real money" into virtual property and virtual currency controlled by online game operators; the other is improper handling of consumer rights after the suspension of the service.

For example, on the grounds of implementing the Personal Information Protection Law, online game companies delete consumers’ avatars, props and other data in the game without authorization after stopping the service; the third is to unilaterally ban the player’s account.

——Business closures damage consumer rights

  The China Consumers Association pointed out that in 2022, affected by factors such as the new crown epidemic and changes in the international situation, the global economic situation will face major challenges, consumer demand will drop significantly, and some industries will be shut down more, and consumer rights will be damaged as a result.

  The main complaints in related fields are as follows: First, some chain stores have suffered serious losses, and their supply is weak, and they have restricted the scope of use of issued prepaid cards without authorization; Second, some e-commerce platforms have slipped into bankruptcy due to reasons such as poor business models and broken capital chains. On the verge of survival or in a crisis of survival, consumers' orders are neither shipped nor refunded, and consumers' prepaid funds are withheld; third, some stores on the platform are punished by the platform for closing stores due to violations of laws and regulations, but the products they sell The problem is that it is difficult for consumers to protect their rights; the fourth is that some offline stores such as gyms, movie theaters, and education and training institutions have closed down due to poor management or deliberately ran away with money.

Difficult to resolve disputes over "household travel" commodities

——Real estate "hard to get rid of"

  The China Consumers Association stated that despite years of rectification, the problems in the consumption of commercial housing are still "hard to get rid of."

  One is the quality of the house; the other is the forced handover of the house that does not meet the conditions.

Some developers forcibly hand over the houses in order to avoid liability for breach of contract when the delivery date stipulated in the contract has not yet been fully completed and the conditions for delivery are not met; the third is that developers force bundled sales.

For example, developers bundled sales of underground storage or parking spaces; fourth, some well-decorated housing supporting home appliances have passed or soon passed the "three guarantees" period, and developers refused to bear the "three guarantees" responsibility; The area is larger than the area agreed in the contract, and the developer requires the consumer to make up the difference, causing disputes.

Sixth, consumers with unfinished real estate projects are short of "housing money".

——The quality of home appliances is uneven

  The China Consumers Association mentioned that with the improvement of people's living standards, traditional home appliances can no longer meet consumers' personalized, intelligent and diversified consumption needs. Therefore, various emerging home appliances are increasingly sought after by consumers.

  The main complaints in related fields are as follows: first, hot emerging home appliances emerge in endlessly, and it is difficult for consumers to protect their rights after disputes; second, the quality of some "net celebrity" home appliances has been criticized; third, installation and maintenance fees are chaotic.

For example, the businessman promises free door-to-door installation, but after the installer comes to the door, he sells various expensive auxiliary materials by deceptive means or charges previously unspecified fees.

——Car consumption is too tricky

  The China Consumers Association pointed out that with the improvement of people's living standards, cars have become a basic means of transportation and have entered the homes of ordinary people, and car consumption is also closely related to people's daily life.

  The main problems related to car complaints are: first, defective cars that have been repaired are sold as new cars; second, consumer rights are violated by standard terms;

For example, second-hand car intermediaries deliberately conceal the real mileage, maintenance records, accident records and other information of the vehicles; Fourth, car quality problems occur frequently.

For example, some traditional fuel vehicle brands frequently experience major component failures such as engines and gearboxes, new energy vehicles have reduced cruising range, and intelligent assisted driving systems have failed.

Online services infringe various rights

——New and old problems intertwined in online shopping

  The China Consumers Association stated that during the epidemic, online shopping has become an important driving force for economic growth and has brought great convenience to consumers.

At the same time, the field of online shopping also presents a situation where new and old problems are intertwined.

  The main manifestations are: first, the price guarantee rules are misleading; second, there is no after-sales guarantee for "small program" shopping; third, some unscrupulous operators use their personal social accounts to make their own official store avatars to induce consumers to trade with them. After paying the fees, it was discovered that they had been deceived; the fourth was that the platform embedded the platform to mislead consumers.

Some e-commerce online shopping platforms launch platform special stores to the outside world. After disputes arise, they evade their own responsibilities on the grounds that the platform special stores are small platforms embedded in the e-commerce online shopping platform, and the problematic stores are merchants on the small platform; fifth, domestic platforms The after-sales channels of the "international purchase" business are not smooth.

——Concentration of online training service complaints

  According to the China Consumers Association, during the epidemic, many offline training services have shifted to online.

Complaints in related fields mainly include: First, the refund promise is difficult to fulfill.

Some training institutions advertised "no refunds" in public examinations and postgraduate entrance examination courses, and signed relevant agreements with consumers, but did not fulfill their refund promises in the future, causing a large number of complaints from consumers; second, the number of training course teachers has "shrunk".

Some training institutions claim that the trainers are famous teachers from famous schools, but in fact the classes are part-time college students or play lecture videos of famous teachers; the third is to induce students to apply for "training loans".

——Chaos in online member services

  The China Consumers Association mentioned that with the development of online consumption, various membership services have gradually penetrated from offline to online.

  The main problems in the field of online membership services are as follows: First, the "matryoshka-style" charges on the smart TV platform have caused consumer dissatisfaction.

Since the resources of each module in the smart TV system are independent of each other, consumers can't watch all the video content after recharging continuously; the second is that the membership service experience of the video platform is not good.

For example, the video platform restricts the mobile phone screen projection function of the original member users; the third is the chaos in the membership service of the marriage and love platform.

Some marriage and love platforms charge high service fees, and some do not strictly check member information, and even provide "marriage entrustment" to deceive consumers with fictitious friends and marriage needs; fourth, online membership services automatically renew by default.