Sino-Singapore Jingwei, February 8th (Zhao Jiaran) "After three years, I finally made it out!" The resumption of outbound group tours has brought new vitality to the tourism market.

In addition to tourism products, international flights are also gradually recovering.

  Recently, the prices of outbound air tickets in many places have dropped significantly, and many air tickets to popular destinations such as Thailand and Singapore have dropped to less than 1,000 yuan, which is a sharp dive compared to the prices during the Spring Festival.

30% of flights are lower than the same period in 2019

  A recent search by Sino-Singapore Jingwei found that outbound air tickets for many places have dropped below 1,000 yuan.

According to the data of Qunar on February 8, the air ticket from Hong Kong to Singapore on February 14 is 669 yuan, Hong Kong-Manila 563 yuan, Guangzhou-Manila 815 yuan; on February 19, the air ticket from Shanghai to Chiang Mai is 869 yuan, Shanghai-Manila Phuket 869 yuan; February 21 Guangzhou-Kuala Lumpur 643 yuan.

  Source: Qunar App

  According to Ctrip statistics, as of the end of January, there were more than 40 domestic outbound resumption routes in February, and the average number of resumption flights per week exceeded 140.

Among them, routes to Asian destinations accounted for more than 80%, and only Hong Kong, Macau and Thailand rescheduled flights accounted for more than 40%.

From the price point of view,

the price of 30% of the flights is lower than the average transaction price in the same period in 2019, and the price of about 10% of the flights is even more than 30% cheaper than in 2019.

"In February, the price of a direct flight from Shanghai to Phuket was 1,600 yuan, and the price of a direct flight from Nanjing to Phuket was also 2,000 yuan, which is a sharp dive from the price of about 7,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan during the Spring Festival."

Strategic Research Center of Ctrip Research Institute Deputy Director Zhang Zhining told Sino-Singapore Jingwei that with the reduction of transportation costs and the improvement of flight accessibility, the competitiveness of outbound tourism will be greatly improved.

  Behind the price reduction of air tickets is the continuous recovery of international flight capacity.

According to the Civil Aviation Resource Network, as of February 6, China Eastern Airlines and its subsidiaries have implemented 52 international and regional passenger routes, reaching 302 flights per week. It is expected that by February 28, China Eastern Airlines will resume 60 international and regional flights. There are 410 flights per week, and the

newly resumed routes and flights are mainly concentrated in destinations such as Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

It is expected that the recovery speed of Eastern Airlines' Asia-Pacific routes will be significantly higher than that of intercontinental routes in the next period of time.

  Li Mengran, the media public relations manager of Zhongxin Tourism Group, introduced to Sino-Singapore Jingwei that

the price of air tickets departing from Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong has dropped rapidly, while the price of flights departing from Beijing is still at a high level.

"It is currently in the early stages of recovery, (Beijing's) capacity has not yet recovered, and the prices of some tourism products are still relatively expensive."

A number of travel companies have made a move, and customized groups are the most popular

  The Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued a notice in January stating that starting from February 6, national travel agencies and online travel companies will resume the pilot operation of outbound group travel and "air ticket + hotel" business for Chinese citizens to relevant countries. The

pilot countries include Thailand, Maldives, Singapore, and Russia. , New Zealand and other popular travel destination countries.

After the announcement, in response to the rapidly heating up market, a number of tourism companies launched a number of countermeasures.

  "After the news of the resumption of outbound group tours was released, the popularity of relevant overseas destinations on the Mafengwo website has increased by more than 300%, and the popularity of 'Thailand resort hotels' has increased by 200%. From the perspective of comprehensive search volume and transaction volume, currently Thailand, New Zealand, Malaysia, The Philippines and the Maldives are the most popular destinations." Feng Rao, director of the Mafengwo Tourism Research Institute, said in an interview with Sino-Singapore Jingwei.

  Li Mengran told Sino-Singapore Jingwei that since before the Spring Festival, the number of consumers who have come to inquire about outbound travel has increased significantly. At present, the company's most popular travel products are customized small tour groups.

"We are launching more destinations one after another. At present, we still focus on 20 pilot countries. If more countries are released in the future, our products will be more abundant. Since the outbound travel market has just begun to recover, many tourists may have For some independent ideas, regular teams may not be able to meet their needs, so the early products are mainly customized by small groups.”

  When asked whether the supply of tour guides, ground handlers and other personnel is in short supply, Li Mengran said: "We have been preparing for outbound tourism products since the end of last year, and the core personnel are still there, and the staffing can still keep up with the speed of business recovery. .”

  The listed company ST Caesars stated on the investor interaction platform on the 7th that the company's first batch of outbound travel products in 2023 have been launched, and the company will continue to follow up on the launch of travel products in open destinations and actively resume operations.

Lingnan Holdings also announced a few days ago that its holding subsidiary, Guangzhilv, has launched outbound travel product promotion and other work, and is actively resuming outbound group travel and "air ticket + hotel" business.

It is reported that the number of outbound travel products currently on the shelves of GZL has exceeded 800.

  As of February 6, Ctrip has launched a total of nearly 1,200 outbound groups and "air ticket + hotel" package products.

Judging from the registration situation, with its warm hospitality and relatively cheap air tickets, Thailand still ranks first in the popularity of outbound tours.

"One week after the Spring Festival, the booking volume of outbound group tours and 'air ticket + hotel' package products increased by more than three times compared with the week of the holiday. This data reflects that tourists are gradually regaining confidence in outbound travel." Jiang Wen, CEO of Ctrip Group Tours, said.

Industry: Outbound tourism product integration still takes time

  It is understood that the current number of inquiries from consumers on outbound travel has surged, but many consumers are still on the sidelines.

"Many of the consumers who have come to inquire recently, in addition to intending to travel in February, also hope to travel in March and April, or during the May Day holiday.

Many tourists take a wait-and-see attitude and want to understand the market dynamics first. How do people who go out feel, whether they are at risk, etc. Their confidence in traveling is still being built."

Li Mengran said.

  Dongguan Securities said in a research report that it is expected that tourism demand will continue to be released within half a year, and tourism recovery will continue. The performance of the summer tourism travel chain in 2023 is still expected.

Considering that outbound travel has stagnated for three years due to the epidemic, and a large number of tour guides and ground pick-ups have changed jobs, it is expected that it will take time for outbound travel products to be integrated and put on shelves, and outbound travel may gradually recover.

  Feng Rao said that

the tourism market after the epidemic has moved from a single demand for sightseeing to a deeply personalized experience.

"The main performance is that the

main consumer groups are younger, the consumption level is rising, and the consumption scenes are more abundant.

In my opinion, tourism practitioners must not only improve the efficiency of supply-side management, but also It is necessary to accurately understand the new changes on the demand side.” (Sino-Singapore Jingwei APP)

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