Three young people

have been sentenced this Tuesday in the Court of Palma to one year in prison each after acknowledging that they

defrauded a total of 350,000 euros






false product returns


The Court of Palma has hosted this Tuesday morning a pre-trial hearing in which the three defendants, two brothers and a friend of theirs were summoned for the fraud of the entity.

The young people have acknowledged the events, which occurred between 2017 and 2019, and have accepted

one year in prison each

and the payment of a


of 1,080 euros, after reaching an agreement with the public prosecutor's office.

The court has granted the suspension of the prison sentence.

The defendants

have already paid part of the 350,000 euros with amounts in bitcoins

seized in the procedure, which the Court converted to euros and Amazon withdrew from the procedure once it received the requested compensation.

The three young people devised a method to

benefit from Amazon products by taking advantage of its immediate return policy,

so that they offered the products on buying and selling platforms at a price below the usual one, and when someone paid for it, they bought it at Amazon indicating the buyer's address in the shipment.

The Prosecutor's Office concludes that the three young people filed a claim with


indicating that the product had arrived in poor condition, or that they did not want it, for which reason they requested a return.

With the shipping label generated by Amazon, the defendants went to a Post Office with the code and delivered a box without the product or with another object inside to simulate the weight of the product.

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