• Galicia The employees of Inditex in La Coruña call off the strike after getting a salary increase of 322 euros per month

CGT has called

a state strike for employees of the Zara, Lefties and Pull&Bear stores on February 11

to demand a wage increase comparable to that achieved by the workers of the stores in A Coruña.

"The state strike called by the CGT calls on the workers of the Zara, Lefties and Pull&Bear stores throughout Spain as an act of continuity of the mobilizations that have already been taking place in different cities in recent weeks," said the labor union.

Specifically, CGT

demands a salary increase of 500 euros for those people who work from 15 hours to 40 hours a week

, 250 euros for employees who have a contract of less than 15 hours a week, salary equality for work on Sundays with that of holidays and equalization of social benefits to those of other sectors such as logistics, factory and central offices.


For its part, Inditex has proposed implementing

guaranteed fixed wages for the entire group, brands and territories

within the framework of the state table constituted with CC.OO.

and UGT to address global wage measures.

Specifically, Inditex proposes homogenizing conditions through the definition of

guaranteed minimum annual fixed salary

, complementing the remuneration established by agreement until said minimums are reached, as explained by the CCOO.

To these guaranteed fixed salary minimums,

variable remuneration would be added based on the sales participation system

, in which the company is also committed to greater homogenization.

social improvements

Regarding social improvements, Inditex would be willing, according to the union, to implement

aid for dependent relatives, for the birth of a child

, for school supplies, for university enrollment, for day care (if it is not free) and for adoption international.

"From the CCOO we have stated that we will study the salary proposals, awaiting more detail, while we have insisted on the need to finalize agreements on social conditions, guarantees of a

minimum of hours in part-time hiring and security measures. conciliation (quality weekends and weekly breaks)

", the union has indicated.

Likewise, it has requested that the way in which the stores are going to

participate in the sale 'online'

and the economic compensation for the development of said work be described "clearly".

At the end of January, coinciding with the previous meeting with the unions, Inditex promised to

pay an advance of 3% in the provinces with blocked agreements

and without an agreed salary increase for 2023, in addition to guaranteeing and renewing the incentive of 1,000 euros for dependents agreed last November (600 euros in the case of less than 24 hours a week).

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