China News Agency, Beijing, February 6th (Reporter Chen Su) Spring farming has started in various parts of China.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China held a national video conference on spring field management and spring plowing preparation work on the 6th. The meeting deployed various tasks for spring management and spring plowing, and required that we focus on the management of fine wheat and rapeseed fields, make every effort to stabilize the soybean area, and strive to win a bumper harvest of grain and oil in summer .

  The meeting pointed out that the current summer grain and oil production base is generally good, but it also faces problems such as complex seedling conditions, heavy field management tasks, and continuous rising grain production costs.

  The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to pay close attention to the critical period of the transformation of wheat and rapeseed seedlings. In response to the overall low temperature in the winter wheat area and the lack of moisture in some wheat fields since the beginning of winter, intensive monitoring and early warning should be carried out to promote the implementation of technical measures such as drought resistance and water conservation. .

Arrange and arrange the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests as early as possible, and strive to reduce disaster losses.

  The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to overcome difficulties and expand soybean oilseeds, coordinate and improve soybean and corn producer subsidy policies as soon as possible, increase the scale of crop rotation subsidies and rewards for major grain-producing counties and oil-producing counties, and promote the connection between production and sales. The pilot counties of planting income insurance expanded the coverage, increased support for soybean planting, focused on reducing the income gap of soybean and corn planting, and tried every means to stabilize the net crop of soybeans.

According to local conditions, find out the suitable planting mode of soybean and corn strips, and speed up the transformation of agricultural machinery and adapt to agronomy.

Guide soybean processing enterprises to the main production areas to promote the improvement of planting efficiency.

  The meeting demanded that spring sowing should be carried out without delaying the farming season, that the party and the government share responsibility for food security, implement various support policies for fine grain production, vigorously develop socialized agricultural services, and effectively stabilize the grain area.

Taking the large-scale increase in yield as the focus of grain and oil production at present and in the future, we will launch actions to increase the yield of major grain and oil crops, and make every effort to promote the increase in large-scale yield as soon as possible.