China News Agency, Beijing, February 7th (Reporter Li Xiaoyu) The General Administration of Customs and Macao Customs signed an "Authorized Economic Operator" (AEO) mutual recognition arrangement on the 7th, and Mainland Customs became the first AEO mutual recognition partner of Macao Customs.

  The AEO system is advocated by the World Customs Organization. The customs will certify and approve enterprises with a high degree of law-abiding, credit status and safety, and provide preferential customs clearance services to certified enterprises.

  According to the General Administration of Customs, after the Mainland and Macao Customs implement the AEO mutual recognition arrangement, AEO enterprises of both sides can enjoy four mutual recognition facilitation measures, including lower inspection rate, priority inspection, designated liaison service, and priority customs clearance, which help AEO enterprises greatly reduce The customs clearance time of goods is shortened, the trade costs of enterprises such as ports, insurance, and logistics are reduced to the greatest extent, and the trade facilitation between the mainland and Macao is further promoted.

  In recent years, the trade between the Mainland and Macao has continued to grow.

According to official data, the total trade value between the two places will be US$4.36 billion in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 32.9%.

  This is the third AEO mutual recognition agreement signed by the General Administration of Customs of China this year after the Philippines and Costa Rica. The number of mutually recognized countries (regions) for the joint construction of the "Belt and Road" has increased to 35. The number of agreements signed and the mutual recognition countries ( region) ranks first in the world.

  The General Administration of Customs stated that in the future, it will continue to focus on countries (regions) that jointly build the "Belt and Road", continue to expand the scope of AEO mutual recognition, and improve the level of foreign trade facilitation.