Japan Federation of Economic Organizations (Keidanren) has announced a personnel plan to appoint six people, including a female manager who is the top of a Japanese subsidiary of a foreign-affiliated company, as the new vice chairman.

Keidanren announced a personnel plan for six new vice-chairmen at a press conference on the 6th.

Among them, Yumiko Noda (63), chairman of Veolia Japan, which develops water and environment-related businesses, will be the first foreign-affiliated company to be appointed.

In addition,

Nippon Life Chairman Yoshinobu Tsutsui (69)

▽ NTT Chairman Jun Sawada (67)

▽ Mitsubishi Corporation Chairman Takehiko Kakiuchi (67)

▽ Mitsubishi Heavy Industries President Seiji Izumisawa (65)

▽ Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group President Hironori Kamezawa (61) will be

newly appointed.

The personnel plan is expected to be officially decided at the annual general meeting at the end of May this year, and 20 vice-chairmen will assist Chairman Tokura.

Chairman Tokura said at a press conference, "I selected him based on a comprehensive judgment of his personality, insight, and achievements in each industry. Mr. Noda is also active in GX initiatives, so I want him to lead environmental issues in Japan." said hope.